Hello, It’s Me.

It’s been too long since.

I guess I have been too preoccupied with my new life setup, adjusting to a life without my parents here, having no extra hands to help us so most of the time, I am super tired and couldn’t really relax and write.

We are also cramming because it’s almost the end of Brook’s school year! Yay! He will certainly have fun during the break. I have since enrolled him to Manga Drawing Class, Ukelele Class, Coding Class, and Watercolor Painting. He hates me for signing him up to these multiple classes but in fairness, it’s 2 at a time… not all-4-together. He enjoys his coding class because he learned how to make simple Roblox games (Roblox should start giving me some perks for constantly bringing them up) and as far as I can tell, the only one he doesn’t enjoy much is playing the Ukelele (he said he didn’t like one of his classmates because she’s a show off). He does it well though so I believe I should encourage him more to hone his talent further, I mean, only if he wants.

Funny thing about the supposed show off kid… according to my son, she flexes about being able to speak in Filipino. Like, “oh, I can speak Filipino well and I will use it for one hour though none of my classmates understands it!” I laughed so hard because during my time, Filipino kids flex about their English skills since not everyone knows how (most of us weren’t English speakers back then).

So I had to explain how it’s likely that her mother tongue is Filipino and he should not take it against her if she would speak her own language. We are supposed to know how to use our own language properly and explained to him that it’s the very reason why he is enrolled to a Filipino class/tutorial because it is really important to know how. I think he understood.

Apart from being busy with mommyhood, I have also been busy campaigning for our VP, Leni Robredo as she was running for presidency. She lost and Bongbong Marcos, the son of former Pres. Ferdinand Marcos has won and his VP is Sara Duterte, the daughter of our current president.

We were so looking forward to having a possibly incorruptible president. Someone who doesn’t aspire to rule and reign… someone who takes buses and economy flights… someone who was helping the poor and building small projects when she was a housewife of a Cabinet member. Someone who used her knowledge of the law to help and serve… even before her being in the limelight. She is the best VP we’ve had. The one who actually did things for the country because normally, our VPs are just for display. You won’t hear a thing they do except for Leni Robredo… but yes, she’s lost the presidency and people are protesting.

As for me? I have always respected democracy, if they won, I will give them my respect. I will live life lawfully and peacefully. But I will fervently pray for our country because the past can’t happen again. And who knows, perhaps at this point, that’s all we can do.

13 thoughts on “Hello, It’s Me.

  1. Even we heard of the presidency here. It seemed incredible to me that the people would want the family back, but I do not know the details.

    Keep pushing your son. Oure daughter would want (and get) to try new things, but would lose interest after a few months, and want to move onto the next thing. I lost count of the number of try/fails we supported as parents, when what we should have been encouraging was staying power. If it’s a simple matter of not getting on with somebody, there is a life lesson in that. We have to co-exist with people we don’t get on with all the time.

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    1. Thanks, Pete. I’ve missed you! I will continue to encourage him since he’s been very vocal about wanting to be a computer programmer of some sort (someday)… will curate his extra curricular activities based on that so he’d continue to develop interest….

      Re: politics. We could not understand it either. If you’ve seen how strong the other campaign was, you’d find the results really strange. In reality, it should have been a close fight since we cannot discount the fact that our people are so fixated to being shackled…

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      1. sometimes it seems like that. We have a PM who is notoriously incompetent. “Can’t hold his brief” is a description that has followed him round, every job he ever had. Even gaffed in senior positions as he got promoted. Yet people voted him in!

        It goes to show, you don’t need to be any good, just more attractive than your opponent. Which makes me think that there must have been something about your candidate that people didn’t like.

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        1. I wasn’t super aware about your political system until your current PM. His notoriety reached people like me who are more into queens and princesses šŸ˜€

          About our candidate, we couldn’t find anything wrong with her. We tried finding it but there’s nothing. Even her detractors don’t have anything to say. They’d comment on how she looks, how she’s doesn’t know how to compute certain equations — based on spliced videos, the worst they’ve come up is how she took the Bar exams twice to pass while her opponent faked a Bachelor’s degree in Oxford.

          They say they hate oligarchs… (and our candidate is being supported by them) but they forgot that their candidate is a full blown oligarch… so there is no sense at all.

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  2. Still can’t moved on from the last election result. Anyway, I do not have any expectation on this incoming administration. Sisisihin ko na lang yung 31 million. Grrrr..


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