Homeschooling and Revised Policies!

It’s our school’s 3rd quarter and as usual, Brook and I are starting to cram. Hmmm, perhaps it’s only me because I have this never ending anxiety with regard to timetables, deadlines, etc… This stresses me out because we are still struggling with Filipino and Division and for that, I have decided to enroll him for daily tutorial apart from our one-on-one.

Plus, there’s an added stressor from DEPED (Department of Education), none other than its infamous memo released last January making an stipulation that only Filipinos residing in the Philippines can homeschool via Philippine-based providers.

Why did we homeschool?

  • During the peak of the pandemic, we decided to transfer to a homeschool provider based in the Philippines because at that time, everyone had to be homebased
  • It was also the time when my husband’s contract was terminated by his employer so we were on a one-salary household for more than a year plus, the fact that we had to pay fines and the extra expenses for their visa (since my son is attached to my husband’s visa) to enable them to still be with me here, plus our car loan lumpsum, plus plus plus… money was tight so not having to pay for the hefty local school tuition fees had helped us so yeah, it meant a lot
  • We liked it! And because of that, despite being back to the normal programming, we decided to continue with them because it’s modular, we have the freedom to modify the manner of teaching, customizing it according to how it will be easier for the kids to learn and adapt while remaining safe and away from what’s left of Covid
  • This incoming SY, I decided to change it up and enrolled Brook via the Homeschooling online mode. They will be online and there will be teachers. I mean, they do this everywhere. Plus, we’d still have our one-on-one after not to mention the tutorials that I am enrolling him to. Converting him to HEPO is to establish schooling habits, though most families still preferred the modular ones.

The question is, homeschoolingwise, what is the difference between Filipinos who live in the Philippines vs. those residing abroad? We have to consider the facts that:

  • both types of students won’t be physically in school
  • both are provided materials online

The fact that we can vote overseas, I don’t see why we can’t have the same privilege like any other Filipinos do in terms of homeschooling. I mean come on, what does our address have to do with something being done remotely & independently.

That totally sucks, DEPED especially hearing one of your officials on a Podcast in Filipino language and in the most condescending way while saying that, if we’re already out of jobs, then perhaps it’s time to go home! I mean, what the hell is that? Why interfere with people’s choices? Are you sure that a job will be available in the Philippines to sustain every displaced workers here in Middle East?

It is our right as people to choose to legally try our chances, wherever possible. Why take our rights to do so?

Homeschooling thru a Philippine based provider is within our rights as Filipinos as well. Why take it away?

Heard through the grapevine that the reason for that memo is that Filipino business owners abroad specifically the Middle East based ones (a.k.a. Kumikitang Kabuhayan na mga Filipinos in Middle East) complained that their business went in shambles because there’s a number of Overseas Filipino Workers who decided to homeschool their kids through Philippine based providers ever since Covid (when in fact, lots of families do that even pre-Covid). Their income was cut in half, apparently. I told myself, “who are these people kidding? These school owners are the super rich expatriates in the Middle East.” Reality check: whatever happens, they are still miles richer than us, regular expats unless I win the super mega lottery but until that happens #WagAko!

In my opinion, it’s unethical to treat education as a cutthroat business. I mean of course, money has to come from somewhere but it should not violate our rights to education.

Section 1. The State shall protect and promote the right of all citizens to quality education at all levels, and shall take appropriate steps to make such education accessible to all.

I mean, they should be making it more accessible than restricting it.

We have to be able to choose freely. When we were kids, there’s only one school here, it’s the International Philippine School in Riyadh formerly Philippine Embassy School in Riyadh. Later on, Filipino schools have sprung up like mushrooms and of course, for one reason — money! They noticed how good a business EDUCATION is especially if you’d offer competitive price and subpar learning. Brook’s former school is one of the best among the Philippine schools in Riyadh, but then, it’s also the priciest. So yeah.

Ugghhh! I wish we aren’t being pressed like this.

We are appealing to get some consideration on this amendment. It has totally stressed a lot of OFW families. I hope they’d reconsider.

7 thoughts on “Homeschooling and Revised Policies!

    1. Totoo yan… Sa bandang una palang ng podcast yun, medyo disheartening talaga… sabi pa, “eh wala na palang trabaho, edi umuwi nalang kayo!” Ouch diba? di nila alam na super tipid nga ng mga pamilya dito para lang maging magkakasama sila, to afford the cost of living here… grabe ang pagtitipid ng iba. they are sharing houses with other families para less rent payment… just to be all together… pero his way of dismissing that choice, grabe super crass!

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      1. Ang mapapansin mo pati sa mga iyan, kaya nagtatagal kasi dinadaan sa “kapit.” Kahit ako ngang may professional eligibility sa civil service, di ako naga-apply sa government dahil mas mapapakinabangan pa ng private sector yung talento ko. Tapos mga ganiyang uri pa makaka-trabaho ko? No thanks!

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  1. That’s tough and so unfair, education is a right, and online schooling is really costing the state nothing extra for expats; I hope your complaint makes them reconsider.

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