Celebrating a Milestone

I love celebrating other people’s birthdays. I love gifting and throwing parties, but I hate it when the celebration is for me. I have officially turned 40 a couple of weeks ago. It was nothing special. Just a regular day that should pass by. I kind of felt lonely a bit because I am not with my parents and Fae but the fact that I am with my very own family, it’s definitely something I am grateful for.

The Lord has been so generous with blessings. He’s filled my heart with satisfaction. It’s true – HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT FOR ME.

I have always testified about my ups and downs. There are lots of downs in fact but God has been so good to me. He’s never left my side. I know that I have always fallen short, but He’s never forsaken me. Praise God for His wonders!

My husband gifted me something nice. He insists on giving me traditional gifts like jewelries, purses, etc… he could not really understand that I am not one of the people who adored material things. But I guess, it’s his way of showing how my day was special. And yes, I did feel so. I am thankful being blessed with a loving husband and a very sweet little boy.

A week ago, my family and Joy’s went out for dinner, it felt different because I realized that Joy and I do not have topics to talk about unlike how easy it was with Fae — Joy and I don’t have anything in common! She is the middle one but definitely acts like our eldest in terms of EQ. I can live with that especially since I have held it for so long… it’s time to pass the torch, hehe.

Yesterday, I have met with a couple of friends (one is in mid 40s and the other just turned 50) and they asked about how it feels being 40, I told them I didn’t see any difference except for knowing that I should start to make the leap towards something meaningful which makes me anxious because time seem to move so fast, I feel like I can’t keep up. They laughed because that’s how they felt back then, like they had to do something important.. but seeing them, watching their movements, the way they spoke… it seemed like they never changed from the time I met them in 2005. They have matured, yes — but had taken their time to relax and free themselves from the burdens and worries that were haunting them when they were younger. They looked fresh! They weren’t trying to push something in me but I definitely sensed their wisdom and experience. We haven’t seen each other for almost 3 years, last time we went out was before the pandemic, though we’re in constant communication, it still feels nice to be reunited with friends.

Leaving you with a joke from @punsworld. It made me laugh like crazy earlier today so I sent this to our family group chat. Fae told me, “this is definitely your type of joke.”

What did she mean by that?! LOL

14 thoughts on “Celebrating a Milestone

  1. Birthday well spent, nicely written down as an experience. It’s always good to keep friends that are older than you, as their wisdom and level headedness gives us a great balance, they guide us well.

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