Something New Indeed

God has been so good to us in 2021. There were struggles, but He has provided all our needs, kept us safe, and answered our prayers. I am grateful, dear Lord. You are awesome!

I have been less active during the past few days as I was trying to maximize my time spent with my parents and sister who were all homebound last Sunday. My dad came here in 1980, before I was born. He was 23 years old. He liked the weather here and the fact that there weren’t mosquitoes swarming around him. But you know, he’s old and grey so he really is excited to finally retire.

As for my mom, my sisters and I — we came here in the 90s. This has been our home since. Fae and mom weren’t as excited. They wanted to stay for as long as they can. If only.

It breaks my heart thinking that the three of them are already in the Philippines and that their house is not theirs anymore. Luckily, my other sister decided to move to their villa. At least, when I visit her, there’s a feeling that somehow, it’s home, unless she totally changes everything!

I know, I am being overly sentimental, you should have seen me at the airport.

Thankfully, we are now a little ok. We’re still dealing with the change but we’re better than yesterday. DEFINITELY BETTER than Sunday.

Here are some of the photos we’ve taken during the past few days before their flight.

My folks with Brooklyn
Fae, me, and Brooklyn
Faye, Me, and Joy

Now, it’s only Joy and I … hmm… I wonder how it’d play out πŸ˜€

This is totally new for us.

Happy New Year everyone!

17 thoughts on “Something New Indeed

      1. that’s awkward. I had a friend who moved from the UK to the US, and I think we are irrepairably damaged as a result. We can communicate but usually not in real time. And it might be okay for Brooklyn, but when you want grown-up chatter, their relaxation time is out of step with yours.

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        1. You are right. Like now, they would call when I am @ work… I really want to join the group chat but it’s hard especially in our workplace πŸ˜€ But hopefully, we’d be able to arrange a day to chat a bit longer… They are in quarantine right now on separate rooms each… even they had to facetime to catch up πŸ˜€

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  1. Thank you for sharing such precious moments, Janis. These are big changes you have experienced and the loss you feel does even out over time, but there will always be those moments. During my corporate career, we moved no less than five times as a family. Some of these were very far from our respective families, but we were always on the same timeline. I love the first photo πŸ˜‚

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    1. Thanks, Sean.

      Brook has tons of photos with my folks… he does get tired of the pictorial at times, but he understands how important capturing these memories with the grandparents so he does cooperate (most of the time)…

      I know the homesickness shall pass, this seems so permanent. We’re used to them traveling for months, but they always come back. We’d go to Phils. for college, but there’s always the sem break to look forward to.

      Moving is difficult… uprooting the family is the hardest…5 times? That’s a lot, Sean but of course, you did well!!!

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