In Another Life

@ The Farmer’s Market in Diplomatic Quarter

YES. These are greens. Riyadh starts to become more and more into colors other than sandy brown. Imagine, people are now selling Poinsettias, Christmas trees, Christmas lights and ornaments. I think one stall was even selling Christmas gift wraps too.


And I always say this, “Saudi Arabia is now living the life!”

How about you? What kind of life are you living? Do you have any alternate lives in mind? Something from your past? A might have been? A dream? or just about any other possibilities if you hadn’t lived the life you currently have.

My friend Micah blogged about our alternate lives, who are we in another life? Her post was inspired by the book, The Midnight Library. Have you had a chance to read it? Do try… it’s a good one.

I realized I haven’t given this a thought…

Who says that if given a different life, I won’t be faced with similar heartaches, health problems, or any other existential crises that I am facing right now… hehe… it could be all the same. But since the question prompted me to think about it — I have paused for some time yesterday and wrote some possibilities and I am still thinking about more possibilities as I type this post. These are the things I’ve come up with so far…

Like Micah, mine are from parts of my life where certain decisions could have led to a whole new life for me:

I’d start my sentences with If I had lived my life the way

  • If I had lived my life the way I was acting back in school, I’d probably be a president of something or a dictator of some sort. Maybe a college professor? A school principal? Or a high ranking government worker because I am obsessed with promotion…
  • If I had lived my life the way I was seen by talent scouts back then, I could have gotten into modeling or joined Mutya ng Pilipinas (and probably lost), but may eventually realize I wasn’t ugly like I was being made to feel all my life
  • If I had lived my life the way I partied in college, I’d marry a rich person but he’d definitely have kept girls on the side so there are two possible scenarios: 1) I’d enjoy his money and live blamelessly 2) will be depressed and lose my mind
  • If I had lived my life the way I dreamt it to be, I would have studied in Febias Bible College and have eventually become a missionary, could still be single or perhaps married to a pastor
  • If I had lived my life surrounded by my true friends, I’d probably stayed single for a while, will travel the Philippines, perhaps become a travel blogger with tons of freebies from sponsors, totally healthy, breathing well, can take the stairs and not heavily medicated, I’d marry a different person, and I’d probably die of boredom because I kind of know who I’d end up with had this life materialized
  • If I had lived my life the way I “insisted” living it in the past, I’d probably become happy for some time; probably married to a philanderer who gaslights me into believing I was only imagining everything
  • If I had lived my life unafraid, I could probably have ran away with someone and decided to stay some place else as we travel the world. We would have started life no strings attached, who knows what comes after, maybe nothing at all
  • If I had lived my life the way I can picture myself living it right now but 15 years younger, I am probably in New York, working for a finance company with enough money for food, rent and designer purse monthly quarterly.

If I had lived my life the way I prayed for, it’ll be exactly the way I am living it, right now 🙂

9 thoughts on “In Another Life

    1. Just like in the book, if they had made a different decision @ one point, it will lead to a totally different outcome… I had a minor flashback of the movie The Butterfly Effect while writing this post.

      I saw your response in Micah’s thread; they’re quite interesting, I mean, being a starving writer on the fringes of that world? a career in baseball? being in a bookstore business? I also like that, I particularly like the very hipster bookstores, the ones that serve super delicious coffee…


    1. That’s truly a legitimate alternate possibility.

      and those kinds of “would haves” apply to general cases and not isolated to Filipino culture — we should really learn about the culture of the family we’re marrying into because even people of the same nationalities shock one another…

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    1. It was. I chose living in peace because that’s all I ever hoped for, certainly, the life I used to live was exciting but I was unhappy. Same with my husband, he used to live a totally opposite life, I didn’t know he’d ever thrive on our domesticated setting– we met at the crossroads and we chose the other way, together.


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