KSA vs Australia

Something weird is happening today at the office. There is a football match — obviously. Normally, we only cast our votes / bets online and those who guessed correctly will qualify to a raffle entry from which I have won an all-day breakfast supply a month ago. Today is different, perhaps it’s because we are allowed to gather again? I mean, since most people have recovered from COVID, were all vaccinated, and are on queue for the booster shots — oh I am happy to see people in the lobby once more!

We have coffee and shawarma served for lunch… I am so feeling the casual Thursday. Makes me want to leave early today — I wish.

The game is the AFC Asian Qualifiers. This is the link of the livestream.

Australia vs. KSA

I checked the history, they have never won against OZ but there was a time that they have tied 3-3.

My coworkers all focused — hoping for their country to win. I hope they do because people are happier when their team wins and for Saudis, it’s magnified by the fact that sports was all they had for the longest time (until 2016).

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