This Could Be My Saddest Christmas So Far

I have been talking about my parents and sister’s move back to the Philippines since last year. Being in Saudi Arabia for so long made us more comfortable here than in our very own country, but the time has come and they’ve got to retire. I have actually seen their repatriation ticket, so that’s final and come January 2, we’re left here — me and Joy, with our very own families of course… but we’d surely miss mom, pops, and Fae. Ugggh… I feel so sad.

We’re currently making days count by going out more often, dining out all together and we actually have a tourist friend here next week and it will certainly make their last month and a half stay here more interesting because we shall be finding all the touristy places in Saudi Arabia. Who would have known that the Kingdom will be a tourist destination? No one, right?! But this is progress and definitely a good thing.

I really wish my parents and sis get to stay longer, but folks are getting older and they want to enjoy life traveling and fully retired. This is going to be a very depressing holiday.

22 thoughts on “This Could Be My Saddest Christmas So Far

    1. Hahaha. Yeah… I know the vibe is kinda low… I will try to cheer myself up — I shall be posting my Christmas playlist soon πŸ˜€ I believe it will be the happier ones ❀

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  1. I understand how you must feel and pray thru time things get easier for you. Most of us have seperation anxieties when it comes to not being with our parents. But your blessing is that at least you still have them. Enjoy you time…Blessings and Peace!

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    1. You are right and I am very grateful to the Lord for that fact because I know, some have lost theirs a long time ago, while some did during Covid — I am reminded each day how blessed we are to have spent our adulthood and young parenthood with them nearby… them extending their stay is just pushing it. My parents want to spend their remaining viable years spreading the Good News in some parts of Asia. I am happy that they will finally have the opportunity to do this while they still can… God bless!

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  2. Make it a happy one, focus on the ups and the positives, the holiday season will come and go quickly, while the time you spend with family before and after is just as valuable, if not more

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