It is truly a blessing to be able to freely speak to God about everything.

Yesterday, a colleague has passed out while at work and apparently, it was a case of stroke. He is in his early 40s, healthy (we thought), would eat salad all the time, not overweight, not diabetic — it was a shock because he is just so fit. We know nothing about stroke (I mean we know what it is, but seeing it happen is totally different) and we were all dumbfounded. He is still in coma and we are all wishing and praying for his quick & full recovery.

I stopped and prayed. In panic, I always pray. I know God is present and He hears our prayers.

My colleague is in fact the only other Christian at the workplace. We are Christmas buddies because it’s only he and I who celebrate the occasion. He always spends it on leave. He goes to France I think. I am at work most Christmas days but it’s okay, we start celebrating by dinner time anyway and besides, Christmas is in our hearts. We can be festive all-day.

I can’t help not think about my colleague especially at this time.

I still feel blessed because while the ambulance and doctors can get delayed, God’s 24/7 comfort sustains.

Update: There is progress in his condition. Praise God! – Nov 7, 2021

6 thoughts on “Blessed

  1. “while the ambulance and doctors can get delayed, God’s 24/7 comfort sustains.” – AMEN to this! He is always with us and we can always be assured that even thought others may fail, we can always look to Him for help and He will never fail us and leave us!

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