A Filipino Sentiment

Sometimes, we make fun of our own because of the fact that “they are our own”. It somehow makes it a little acceptable for example, I can laugh at the hopelessness of the Philippines, because it’s all I can do right now — laugh and cry at the same time… but,

In reality, I GRIEVE for our country. I cry for the lives lost for our freedom only to allow ourselves get enslaved yet again. It’s different this time because there are no colonizers, there are no other flags raised but ours… but we are still living under other people’s terms. We are not free because others dictate our government. I grieve for how we are now.

I PITY the poorest of the poor, that includes myself because in the Philippines, it’s only an either/or and there’s nothing in the middle. The so called middle class are those whose loans get approved because their payslip reflects higher salary. The premium incurred will bury the middle class so deep, so yes, in reality, they are deadbeats. THE OTHER HALF though are the rich. They can afford lavish lives. They party like Diddy and they are crownless princesses. Oh how I wish to be like them!

I LOVE my country because despite our poorness, our known laziness, our corrupt politicians, it has cradled me safe all these years, I know that I was there only half my life but I know I will be there for good someday and I CAN’T WAIT.

So when others make fun of its people, I get offended and dismayed, because that’s only OK when we say it.

15 thoughts on “A Filipino Sentiment

  1. But I do think that goog is good, and bad isbad. That’s universal. I’d see no bigge problem commenting on the Phillipines than I would on the UK.

    The difference is simply that I am fasr better informed about the UK, so simply feel more qualified to comment.

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    1. Living in a foreign land exposes me to different nationalities and cultures—- some people of other nationalities talk about Filipinos here like trash just because they clean for them— or perhaps like in most cases, when they ask for advanced payment and all that… I often hear coworkers of other nationalities say that Filipinos don’t save that’s why they are in deep shit all the time… but no one really dared investigating that Filipinos are paid least here for the same job and same rank… Indians are higher by a mark… so if let’s say a Filipino cleaner who is paid 1500 SAR per month (less than 500 usd) in a foreign land, cleaners who are paid 1000 usd per month won’t know why sometimes, they ran short of their budget… it’s not because they’re lazy or do not know how to save… but because we’re paid too low…

      We hear a lot of this, because others thought we can’t speak the language.

      I don’t know if uv read about my story that a kid was asking about my hairclip and the father asked where I bought the clip and the girl circled around me for 30 minutes til I decided to give my clip to the lil girl… after few minutes, she came back and asked (she’s about 3 or 4), is it true that you didn’t shower? My sister said i shouldn’t touch it because you didn’t shower.

      I was so disappointed. I just told the little girl to tell her sister that I did take a shower so the clip is clean… (pre-covid)


      1. It sounds not very nice in ksa for you, so why do you stay?

        In the UK we had problems filling jobs so they introduced immigration. Now, people don’t like immigration so are making it harder. And guest what? Those jobs are unfilled once again. We have problems supplying supermarkets and gas stations, for want of truck drivers.

        My point is, it is supply and demand. But how does this relate to the situation in the Philippines?

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        1. Perhaps now… we’d reconsider as my father is retiring. We are sponsored by the US Embassy so we’re pretty much the luckier ones, among the Filipino expats here. Additionally, I have a good job. It’s hard to pass, but for sure, by the time my parents move back home, I will feel the need to reassess our situation.

          My sentiment is not even about the stay here. It’s in general. It just kind of bottled up because apart from the BS we had to undergo here, I also see some blogs owned by non-Filipinos in WP talk trash about Filipinos in general perhaps based on less than ten Filipinos they have met or come to know… it’s the sense of entitlement because they at one time may have fed a Filipino family… It doesn’t give them the right to generalize the entire nation.

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            1. My company is one of the good ones… they don’t look at the nationality when hiring… the previous ones though were the basis of my earlier comment about salary scale based on nationality. My eyes went wild when I accidentally saw it from my manager’s desk… I mean we know it does exist but seeing it makes a lot of difference. Americans are the highest paid, followed by the British. (particularly).. then Europeans with the locals, then Lebanese, Koreans, Japanese, Malaysians and Chinese, followed by other Arabs, Indians, then Filipinos/Srilankan/Bangladeshis…

              That’s pretty much what I can remember…

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  2. I applaud your loyalty and concern for your country. I am somewhat puzzled by your statement that you are the poorest of the poor. If so, how do you have the resources for blogging. I have to pay out quite a bit for wi-fi, WP fees, equipment purchase and maintenance. Not cheap. I could use the library; that wouldn’t cost as much. But I still see blogging as an expendable budget to be given up if necessary. I hope you can keep blogging; I enjoy my visits with you.

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  3. I meant that collectively. I am an expatriate working for a wealthy nation and we’re blessed to afford these resources because we are somewhere else…. But if we get sick or a family member does who is based in the Philippines, we sure won’t be able to afford it or will drain our savings and put us in debt. My uncle who worked his whole life and retired comfortably has caught covid that sent him to the hospital with a bill around 2 million php… it has drained his savings… and left him with nothing… this is the other half our our country— fortunately for the other half are those who can afford insurance, and best healthcare without exhausting all their worth… we are ok because we have jobs— what we have is just an ofw money… our experience in 2020 is a testament that it’s worth nothing sadly…

    Our lives post retirement would be based on how much we’ve saved since we won’t get pension either…

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