Fully Vaccinated

I am really glad because our second vaccination is way better than our experience during the first dose. Not that the first one was bad, it’s just that the second one was too good. Our second dose was done in one of the leading pharmacies in Saudi Arabia. No one was there… no queues, no fear of crowding… the encoder was nice and fast. Although the one who did the vaccination seemed less experienced because he poked our arms like he was meaning to stab us, everything still went fine. I have observed the way he administered the vaccine during my husband’s turn so I kind of requested if he can pinch my arm because I am afraid he’d hit my bone, with that he told me, “it’s all alright, not painful at all!” — but he did it like how he’s done it initially and it was super painful. It was few seconds of pain. But of course, it went by just fine.

Our arm was swollen and tender and we feel all the feels. It’s popular with the AZ vaccine I guess, but it wasn’t as horrible like the first time. Our first dose has taken 2 days from us. We were in bed, feverish, but this one, we’ve totally recovered the next day.

God is so amazing! He’s provided us all these resources and I am truly grateful. I continuously pray that the same favor will be granted for everyone. I feel deeply sorry for my country, the Philippines because until now, vaccine is not available for all. I hope and pray for continuous provisions, support and desire to better our healthcare. I pray that our Government appoints officials who will not dishearten our people even more especially the frontliners and healthcare providers.

I pray that Covid ends, once and for all.

Covid Update – Saudi Arabia as of 13 Sep 2021
Covid Update – Philippines as of 13 Sept 2021

23 thoughts on “Fully Vaccinated

    1. It is a comfort indeed… I heard great testimonies about Moderna… unfortunately, Pfizer and AZ are the only ones available here, and J&J for US government officials and some US govt workers only.. I am glad my sister got the J&J… and my other sister got the mix… it is quite a relief…

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      1. Mix? That’s not allowed here. The US is going back & forth on 3rd shots. I heard someone requesting it at the pharmacy yesterday but he had to fill out a ton of paperwork… right now, only immuno-comprompised are supposed to get it. I support distributing vaccines worldwide before getting boosters here, despite the delta variant. It breaks through 2-dose vaccine for s9me people but is rarely deadly to those who are vaxed.

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        1. She’s got it by accident. She had Pfizer as the first dose but the encoders didn’t record it. Took so much effort to get it encoded but to no avail… they just rejected her testimony… She had to get 2 doses of AZ in order to have that “immune” mark on her app so she can freely move around the city and travel as well… Some were experimenting on getting the pneumo vaccine, (20vPnC) I am not sure about the efficacy, but I am willing to get it if it won’t cause any harm…


    1. Thanks, you are right, we have to stay vigilant, grabe andami parin nakaka contract ng Covid kahit vaccinated sila. I am just grateful to be more protected than before πŸ™‚

      Take care ❀

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