The End of August

What’s happened in August?

The highlight of my August is finally getting vaccinated, followed by learning the sad truth and reality that my family (father, mother and youngest sister) will be leaving Riyadh, forever come end of December – max January 2022. It’s a depressing news on my part because I am so used to them being so near and available at any time. I know my father wanted to retire for some time now, but I never thought he’d pass the opportunity to extend for another 6 months or a year — I mean besides the fact that Covid-19 is better handled in KSA, their pricey meds are covered by their insurance as both my parents have chronic diseases, and the fact that we are still here, their 2 other kids plus their 2 grandkids, these are good enough reasons to extend but I don’t know why he’s rushing to go. Despite our begging, he did not change his decision and had cleared from work. I can imagine myself at the airport!

Someone asked me recently if I can do affiliate marketing and I told them that I am fine with it, but I need to know and study the products first. I specifically asked about the concept and it’s basically like being an affiliate to a website i.e. Amazon or like what I did for Juan Learning. I like it because of the passive income by just posting something to a dedicated website, socmed accounts, etc… and voila, you are paid per healthy click. So I thought.

I spent 4 hours on seminars being taught how affiliate marketing works but it did not mention actually selling the product and being the seller itself. I know I could have misunderstood what’s being discussed so I had to clarify. I have asked them if I am going to be a seller because I don’t want that, I asked them if the concept is the same as shareasale which I am quite familiar with having earned through it in the past. They confirmed that the concept is the same as shareasale so I agreed to give it a go especially when I discovered that I know the product having used it in the past however stopped because it’s too pricey.

I was asked to post a content with my picture on. I was asked to post 2 other photos (provided by them) — like a before and after photo. So the concept is I am to convince people to buy with me as I am ordering in bulk because my supposed friend, whose photos are posted experienced a life changing physical transformation which I also want to experience — hence the bulk order. I asked them that if I were to post the content and that people actually wanted to ride with my order, how am I supposed to get my affiliate commission? From whom do they actually order the product?

They told me that customers will be ordering the products from me and that I will be processing these items with my affiliate price but will sell them at the SRP. It’s like reselling a product for a profit. Pretty much like a seller right?

Before agreeing to try it, I have told them specifically about not wanting to sell something (because I don’t have the time to be an actual seller) and that I am only interested in being an affiliate (like shareasale), hence the multiple clarifications from my part. I think they were trying to coerce me into getting the membership using incessant follow-ups and PMs since I already told them I’d contact them when I have thought about it.

I didn’t sign anything, only the wasted hours spent on webinars and people who initially were befriending me because we’re fellow mommies. I felt sad. I’ve had online friends who have eventually become my lifelong friends (16 years strong) — never about sales pitch, no ulterior motives — just plain friendship.

I know that people don’t like the idea of selling something especially if they’re not charismatic at all… (like me) plus, the product is quite expensive — so I’d understand hiding behind the word affiliate so yeah, dupe people like me who aren’t so versed about the world of marketing. Plus, I think the fake write up is kind of cheap.

What to expect in September?

Ok, so I joined a wellness boot camp. It’ll run for 30 days starting tomorrow and it should be fun. I plan to document as much as I can, but it’s still August, who knows what I’d feel about this by tomorrow?!

I encourage my fellow Filipinos to give this a try – for as low as 3500 php, we’d get full access to their materials and trainings + personalized coaching and being part of an amazing support community. This is not a paid ad (lol), I really enjoyed what we have so far and they’re teaching the healthiest way to lose weight while eating 3 times a day, with measured carbs & sugar, and with very light exercise. I mean, Keto is very effective and I have tried it… but I do crave for sugar & carbs sometimes which is a definite no-no on Keto. I have thought of learning something new that will help me sustain my diet without sacrificing too much, til forever? So I am trying this for the month of September. Let’s see what happens!

*Filipinos – because the main language used in the boot camp is Filipino / Tagalog

13 thoughts on “The End of August

    1. Same thoughts. It’s also the reason why I want my family here in UAE. Mostly because everything is better and handled better here but they don’t want to be away from family. If only Philippines can provide the same.

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      1. I just watched a YouTube video of someone showing how pinas crowd is currently, grabeh! It’s so scary the way people gather in one place as if it was no longer Covid season. If it weren’t for the masks, I would have realised it’s up to date.


  1. This is not a paid ad (lol), >>> I was gonna say, huh? She just ditched the so-called affiliate marketing tapos nagpopromote sya nga wellness boot camp haha. Pero go for wellness! We all need it now. Iche-cheer kita diyan!

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    1. Hahaahahaha— That’s why I had to put the disclaimer. Gusto ko kasi may classmates akong kilala ko rin 😉 kaya I was encouraging all my friends kaso parang ayaw nila ako samahan lolz

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        1. Yeah, mejo opposite of what i had learned… so it’s unlearning everything from keto kasi they teach us a diet that we can sustain…. Hindi yung puro sacrifice… but ang hirap mag commit like i dont eat rice or carbs with my meal… now that i have to… hirap na naman ako kasi i was so used to not eating carbs… tao nga naman ano?! 😂

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