In Memoriam

Alexis Tioseco and Nika Bohinc were film critics who were murdered on September 1, 2009 in Quezon City, Philippines. Prior to their deaths, the two had been living as a couple. Tioseco was a Filipino-Canadian film critic and a film professor at the University of Asia and the Pacific. Recognized as an advocate of Southeast Asian cinema and as Philippine Cinema’s most passionate champion, he was named by the Philippine Star in 2005 as “one of the most important young people in the Philippines today” for his efforts to promote his nation’s cinema. He was the editor of the Southeast Asian film journal Criticine. Bohinc was a Slovene film critic.

This blog was written on August 29, 2009 — three days before his death.

Concentrated Nonsense (cinema edition)

You have the mandate to start the National Film Archive. I have heard that your first priority project in relation to archiving is the digitization of some 70 works into high quality digital copies. While this may be useful, perhaps inquiring into the state of and assisting the various archives in the country (UP Film Center, Mowelfund et al) whose current holdings (which include rare prints if not master negatives of some titles, let alone the entire history of alternative/experimental cinema in the country) are being stored in deplorable conditions, may be even more important. Have you thought about this? Saving the master negatives or prints and storing and caring for them properly will ensure their survival far longer than digital copies (of which we are still uncertain), and in their original state too. Steps need to be made NOW to ensure that we don’t lose more of these films.

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