Finally Vaxxed

I am finally partially vaccinated! Thank God.

I have been hesitant to get the vaccine since there were so many precautions being told about people who’s got multiple anaphylaxes and urticaria and there was a point where they’ve declared us ineligible to Covid-19 vaccine.

Earlier, I have consulted with my doctor and he wanted me to wait til there’s a more glaring study about the vaccine being ok for people like me especially considering that one of the major contents of the vaccine was potassium and of course, I am allergic to it. Not the K itself but the infused ones, I mean, I don’t even like it, since it’s burning my veins, but sure, I get major hives too.

Then I’ve got Covid giving me 4-6 months immunity thus, leaving me still ineligible regardless of new studies showing very few cases of anaphylactic shocks due to the vaccine.

After 5 months, the Ministry of Health declared people with multiple urticaria and anaphylaxes eligible to the vaccine — thank God!!! Plus, they also opened the vaccine booking system for people who recovered from Covid within the last 6 months allowing them to request for their first dose.

We requested for appointment and had the shot last Thursday. It was very fast. Ours was AstraZeneca — people here were Astra snobs especially during the initial round of vaccines as they all wanted Pfizer. But I am grateful we’ve got the vaccine (regardless of brand) — Someone told me that Astra vaccine is quite effective against the Delta variant so I guess it should be fine. If that’s the case, I am happy and sad because while I’ve got Astra, my folks got Pfizer. I want them to be more protected than I am. But I haven’t really done my research. It could be a hearsay without any basis. Nevertheless, I am thankful because we somehow feel more secured.

According to our health passport, we are immune since we have already recovered from the vaccine but our doctor recommended to get the second dose because that’s what CDC recommends.

After the injection, I had mild allergic reaction, had difficulty breathing from the nose, then all other psychosomatic effects followed. I was in the observation area for 30 minutes and thankfully, nothing worse developed.

I had fever and chills the next day — so did my husband, but we’re ok the day after that dreadful Friday.

I can’t wait to complete my dose!

51 thoughts on “Finally Vaxxed

  1. Congratulations on getting the vaccine! And it’s good to read that you weren’t picky about which brand. Like what they say, the best vaccine is the one nearest you. Stay safe! πŸ™‚

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  2. I’m not sure that AZ is any more effective against delta, at least as far as catching it.. The UKinitially bought 10M Pfizer, but 100M AZ, so we are heavily biased toward AZ. Our numbers of infections have increased these last few months in the face of Delta. Deaths, however, run in the tens per day, where back in January they were over 1,000. So, catchind covid appears still to be possible, but it is far less likely to be fatal.

    It is not published, whether the deaths are vaccinated or unvaccinated people. My personal fear is that the reason they don’t publish that split is because the efficacy is somewhat less than has been claimed.

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    1. I hope not since our confidence depends on what is claimed efficacy wise…

      But your theory is likely right… I just hope it’s not too big a difference…

      and hoping that Covid is soon gonna be completely eradicated…

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  3. Congratulations on getting your first shot! I’m glad you had help with that. My mother had Astrazeneca as her first shot too, and in Canada you’re allowed to have an mRNA shot as your second dose, which she also took advantage of. I don’t know if that’s allowed where you are, but it’s worth asking

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    1. They allow the mix of Astra and Pfizer… I don’t know about Moderna though… I don’t think they have it here. My other sister got the mixture too… thanks! I am so happy to finally get done with my allergy anxieties! Take care! God bless your family!


        1. We’ll see… in here, you’ll never know what you’re going to get til you are @ the vax site.

          Kinda Forrest Gump inspired πŸ˜€ “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

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    1. Thank you so much! I suppose everyone will eventually be offered a booster after the whole world gets their second dose… I think we have to take our Covid antibody titer test before getting the booster (like in Hepatitis?) I am only guessing πŸ™‚


        1. My sister got the 3rd shot, mixture of 2 AZ and a Pfizer because the government forgot to log her first dose and since it’s mandatory to have 2 doses, she had to retake it.

          I’d ask her to check her titer to see if it did her any good…


  4. It’s ridiculous to be so keyed up by propaganda to feel this way. Look. If I find I have a heart problem, or my kidney is having trouble, I go get it fixed, then go on with my life.


        1. I agree with you in that regard… it has to be a choice… especially for countries like ours where vaccine supply isn’t able to cater everyone. Hearing the possibility of making it mandatory made my people panic and caused chaos in so many districts because they cannot avail any service facility if they’re not vaccinated…

          But as an individual, I sincerely hope and pray that people will choose to protect themselves from COVID because most of us who had lived and survived this had lost our life savings due to hospitalization since HC is not subsidized and is the most expensive commodity in our country. Our jobs weren’t secured and we didn’t have aide from the government during the furlough… so being out there looking for part-time jobs is a mandatory sacrifice to make ends meet for most people… least they can have for themselves is protection from Covid and it’s complications… the choice is theirs, yes… but I hope they choose to be safe.


  5. Finally took the plunge. I was fearing a severe reaction but as my mom said there was no way to know in advance even if all the possible side effects were known. As I write I am one week post first dose and I feel fine. I only had soreness which felt more like stiffness and a mild fever which felt more like a hot flash. The pharmacist who gave me the shot warned of chills. I would have preferred that in the desert heat. I hope you had a good one because an ineffective one won’t do much. That’s in part how the Lambda variant spread in South America. I also wrote my reflection, but it is more about the limitations of the vaccines. The virus can still continue to mutate because the major ones don’t prevent infection. They prevent serious symptoms.

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    1. I recovered after a day… I know about the hot flash! Oh it was so uncomfortable the day after. I am glad you had your shot too… hope it works well on us! Take care and keep safe always!


      1. If you want to keep corresponding off here let me know. I have not heard much about Astra Zeneca. The Mrna are the best but again the vaxx pushers won’t acknowledge the limitations of only protecting against severe illness and certain variants.

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  6. Congrats sis! I didn’t know you experienced getting covid must be very scary?! Our vaccines here in New Zealand are Pfizer and since Delta came into our shores now (no thanks to Sydney and the government opening the borders to Australia) our PM said that Pfizer is good to protect us better from Delta. Still a scary time for us here and our first time after a long time on a lockdown again! Stay safe sis and your family.

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    1. NZ has always been great in dealing with COVID… I bet you’d get through this DELTA strain with flying colors…

      Yes, we’ve caught the virus in March… my husband got the worst whilst Brooklyn and I were almost asymptomatic πŸ™‚

      Hoping for the best for everyone! Keep safe ❀

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      1. Thanks sis for the confidence but NZ is still battling Delta and now 1 week lockdown. We hope this will be over more or less in a month as we have a lot of location of interest that has been affected. Delta strain is really a game changer. I wish you all well and best to talk about your Delta experience to people so they don’t take it for granted or even laugh about it like the anti-vaxxers etc.

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    1. Thank God! I hope everyone realizes how important this is and would take what’s available. I heard people refuse to get vaccinated in Pinas because they’re waiting for a more preferred brand!

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      1. Well, count me in that group as admittedly — I waited for a better vaccine. The thing is, our office procured Moderna doses but as of writing, there are no news. So I signed up to the Quezon City vaccination program (under the A4 — essential non-health workers — category).

        News of friends and acquaintances getting good brands (a former colleague got Janssen, a close friend got Pfizer for him and his mother, and an acquaintance got the Sputnik V vaccine) contributed to me signing up for the QC program.

        Fortunately, the homeowners association of the village I live in organized a community vaccination effort. While Moderna doses were initially promised, this didn’t push through and instead, AstraZeneca jabs were delivered.

        Admittedly, I had some hesitations with getting the jab seeing the reports of blood clots that led to its ban in Denmark and Norway.

        Unfortunately, we’re in a third world country and refusing vaccination is, in my opinion, a privilege. The Philippines isn’t like the US with the latter’s first-class healthcare system, so I took the chance with AZ.

        (Apologies for the rather long comment haha!)

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        1. Long comments are always welcome! Now I remember that you were waiting for Moderna.

          Everyone has the right to choose what they’d want to get injected with, but like what you’ve said, being able to choose in this particular scenario is a privilege that we unfortunately do not have in the Philippines. The risk of catching the virus is higher than how likely we’d get the blood clot so yes, I also decided to get the vaccine that’s readily available. In Riyadh, I’d only transfer to another site to get the Pfizer one but it’s yet another stressful process that I refused to undergo + rumors that AZ is a good vaccine against the Delta strain also encouraged me to go ahead.

          US started the booster shots, lucky them right?!! I’d recommend getting our titer checked because we may not need the booster shot if we’re heavily immuned already.

          Hoping for the best for everyone!

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  7. They’re discovering it doesn’t last. Also, MRNA is never been used population-wide, so long-term effects are unknown, and some are having great difficulties. Need to keep getting booster shots, and we’ve read some areas of high vaxxers have higher incidences of Covid. To each his own.

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