End of July & other things

I have been absent the past few days, not just from posting, but also from reading and commenting. I haven’t opened my blog here because I have been busy setting up a new one via Blogger. It’s a mommy blog for homeschooling and solely about motherhood. I am trying to get my mommy blog affiliation back although I was a bit hesitant seeing the aesthetics of the currently popular blogs in the group, I mean they’re good, well-designed but are distorted by ads. Made me really think hard. I am a sucker for blog aesthetics, I want them neat and clean. I hope Google ads won’t distort mine too.

We’ve had the Eid Holidays last week. It was a long amazing week. We were rested. We went to a resort with my folks and sisters, it was super hot!

Yesterday late afternoon was 47 degrees (imagine how we suffer at noon time?)

Despite arming myself with enough skin products, I still got burnt and dreading it til now as my skin got severely damaged from the heat but particularly worse under my eyes since it gets constantly burnt from my tears due to the heavy sandstorms happening daily. That most especially didn’t help.

Other than my terrible skin, all is well. I am currently listening to Shari Lapena’s new book, “Not a Happy Family”. It’s good, so far.

Hope you guys are doing great too and still social distancing because of the horrible Delta Variant who’d gotten my uncle almost bankrupt because better healthcare in the Philippines is sinfully expensive, but at least, he’s alive! Praise God!

27 thoughts on “End of July & other things

  1. Hey, Janis, Good to hear you alive and kicking.

    I found the single biggest benefit of taking out a pay-subscription to WP was so as to save my readers from seeing all this rubbish. When I see ads anyhow, it makes me question the motivation for writing. Best just to leave money totall out of it, I think.

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    1. I know.. that’s what I love about WP plans too plus the choice of getting premium themes πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
      However, I need to join that community because they give lots of resources for homeschooling…

      Hope you are doing great…

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    1. Very harsh… I started regaining that good skin I was aiming for but those few hours spent swimming plus the sandstorms have put to waste that month-long “extra” skin pampering I’ve gifted myself starting mid June.. it’s been totally damaged, dried, and feels coarse…

      Thank you Irene ❀

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  2. I don’t think good writing and earning money are mutually exclusive. But, I wish there was a more elegant way of earning money that having my post made almost unreadable because of adverts. I have not taken the monetization route yet.

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    1. I haven’t either, but Blogger is a free platform so like it or not, I’d have Google ads 😦 Luckily, I have my WP account, I don’t think it has ads (or I just don’t see it?).. your site is good to monetize because I am certain a lot of people visit your page for your content plus, it’s really neat and pleasing to the eyes, not just to the belly πŸ˜€ or if not WP monetization, brands will probably approach you (has approached you) for partnership πŸ™‚

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      1. Thanks for the follow up Janis. I paid to have my site ad free. I figured I would have more control over the whole monetizing thing, if I chose to go down that road. Have a wonderful weekend.


  3. Ako rin ay may ibang blog sa Blogger, maganda naman. Sa kasalukuyang nag-aaral ako ng SEO at social media marketing, hindi masyado para magtagumpay bilang blogger kundi dahil kahilingan ng kompanya ko na marunong ako sa mga ganitong bagay

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    1. Medyo curious ako dyan because I often see it on blogs… but I never seem to learn or understand it for a bit…

      Yes, I have seen your blogs… they’re very elaborate πŸ™‚

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        1. Ah kaya pala… ako puro aesthetics lang ang kaya kong imanipulate sa web pero hindi ang mga SEO matters… siguro nga at one point, kung you’ve been blogging for ages, dapat may knowledge talaga tayo about it…

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