Too Much Info (TMI Tuesday)

Describe your phone lock screen.

It’s pretty straightforward but sorted into groups. I only have one new app that’s outside the boxes since I want it easily accessible— it’s Koobits, a Singapore Mathematics app that our homeschool class uses after having scored an awesome deal with the Company. It’s fun, a little difficult but enticing for kids.

What does your favorite coffee mug or teacup look like? Post a pic.

It says, “she’s a coffeeholic” — I use this tumbler for my morning coffee and refills of the day. Gifted by my husband.

Tell us about a regional food favorite of yours that you think the world simply must try.

I have to agree with Mr A, Sisig should get more international exposure. I feel that the world isn’t ready for Sinigang and Dinuguan yet so Sisig is my best choice as well, especially the Crispy Sisig Lechon Pier One used to serve (or still serves?)


How often do you journal?

There’s no schedule. I carry my journal and use it all the time (whenever I need and want to)… oftentimes, I write things I want to remember and I also write poetry and words to some future music…

How often do you blog?

Normally, I get to blog once weekly, but if I’ve got more time, I get to post twice or thrice a week.

Bonus: Does your blog act as your journal?

It used to be a full blown journal, back when I’ve got less followers and tried to be anonymous. But after gaining more contacts plus getting my identity known, I tried to be less irritating by blogging less about too personal stuff (still trying).

I still don’t blog about tips or lists and I still probably don’t share something that can add value to someone’s life— but I get to create positive relationships with people who solidly want to get to know me more, and vice versa. I have gained great blog friendships in a span of a pandemic year and I am glad because the last time I’ve had this kind of relationship was way back 2006-2007 via Multiply and Live Journal. Being able to write little things about my life and creating a platform to host interesting convos is something I love about it.

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8 thoughts on “Too Much Info (TMI Tuesday)

    1. Lol. I read my emails and texts. I guess that number was for our group email. I don’t open mails that aren’t specifically addressed to me — that number pokes all my “triggers” — sometimes, I delete the group mail access from my phone but there’s always that one missed urgent message so I always add it back.


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