Skin Care & Some Others

So ever since this video went out, I had this realization that OHMGEE, I am 39 years old and I only have the basic stuff for skin:

  • Face Mist
  • Facial Wash
  • Toner
  • Revitalizing Cream
  • Rejuvenating Cream
  • Different Types of Sunblock
  • Moisturiser with Vitamin E

Okay, so I probably have more products than other people but my skin is super dry and sensitive. I don’t get pimples but I do have lots of blemishes because it easily gets irritated. It’s ugly.

It’s the Summer of all Summers here in Riyadh and we literally feel our skin complaining. I hydrate often, drinking lots of water + the mist to hydrate the face when the sun blazes directly at it, like choosing to target my already damaged skin.

Being that I have no excessive budget to spend on fancy products, I went to the Face Shop which for some reason, I thought would be cheap but they weren’t! So I prioritized checking the products that are on sale and while I was amusing myself reading its contents, there came the first lady attendant.

Working women in public places like malls and restaurants is relatively new to the locals and expats alike. But we can get used to the ladies following us around — men rarely do that in Riyadh shops perhaps because it’s not cool to seemingly stalk female customers while they’re in search for vanity products that would make them look younger by 10 years! Yeah, men here won’t do that.

But women would + they are are eager to help because it’s their thing. The only issue is that there are lots of women in retail business who do not speak English well. Locals who are fluent are found in the corporate world, law firms, banks, schools, hospitals, etc. They get the top notch jobs.

I was basically looking for mud packs. I looked lost perhaps, because I couldn’t find any, so the one who was tailing me asked what I was looking for. I told her that I was looking for mud pack. She said, “whitening?” I reiterated, “mud pack, like mud, sometimes it’s brown, blue or green” — I even told her that it’s the ones by the counter @ Sephora. Because ladies in Riyadh love Sephora — I love Sephora, it’s just that, I have splurged heavily on BKK dresses that I feel I have no money left for more vanity stuff.

Another lady came to help, they spoke in Arabic and she asked me in English, “whitening?” — I politely said no and explained how I was specifically looking for mud pack. I searched the internet and voila, all results were in English. I wasn’t able to think fast and get the page translated because suddenly, I was surrounded by 4 attendants all wondering which type of whitening cream to give me.

I respectfully told them that I won’t need that at the moment and if they can let me look for other products independently because I was still studying their contents and what they do… plus, they couldn’t help me anyway since we have language barrier as I myself know basic Arabic only.

I ended up buying lots of moisturising masks, firming and lifting ones and evening gel. They even gave me three firming masks as freebies being the cowgirl that I am 😀

I just feel kinda sad because all they can gather from my lost and wandering look is that I need to whiten my skin while Vanessa Hudgens even tans hers.

23 thoughts on “Skin Care & Some Others

    1. You are right, somehow, I can’t blame them because Philippines, despite being Asians and known for brown skin have always had that same state of mind… it’s highly possible that it’s the same reason why they have associated Filipinos with skin whitening…

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    1. I did tell them about cleansing but they gave me different products which isn’t what I was looking for. If they only let me browse in peace too— I would have discovered it earlier on that there isn’t any.

      I forgot though that I ordered mud pack from iherb 2 wks ago and it came like a day after the incident… i really thought i only ordered those cold things for eyebags haha. I know I’ve been terrible with my skin and it’s never too late to salvage what’s left, I believe 🙂


    1. Yeah… I know Arabic but the things we need for work… but when it’s the casual convos— I am soooo pathetic…couldnt get caught up…

      I got them finally at iherb… forgot i ordered 2 weeks back along with some bhb and those eyebag suckers…


    1. Itim na itim sila sakin besh…. Siguro ung anxiety level nila tumaas nung makita nila ako hahahaha…. Grabe sila… hindi pa ito ang pinaka ulikba moments ko… they should see me @ the beach lol

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        1. Hahaha yan naman ang mga tawag sakin mula nun, kundi yan eh kirara… i owned it 😉 keber! Hahaha.. minsan may maputi days ako, pag winter hahaha…

          Ang cool nyo sigurong magkakaibigan since back then…


  1. Skin whitening is something that I have been hearing for a long time. As a South Asian, people have some kinda craze for a lighter skin tone, since they think it looks prettier.
    I love the way I look and I wouldn’t change it for anything. 💕

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