#SLS He Ate a Slice of Wonder Bread

The theme for this week’s Song Lyrics Sunday is about Breakfast, Brunch, Dinner, Lunch, Snack, Supper as suggested by Paula Light of Light Motifs II.

Jim, this prompt makes me so hungry.

My song choice this week is Regina Spektor’s, “Samson”

And perhaps since I am on Keto, I heavily crave for Wonder bread slices & understandably, this song has popped into my mind having seen the prompt.

Samson is a song written and recorded by singer-songwriter Regina Spektor, from her albums Songs and Begin to Hope. Despite having never been officially released as a single, it has charted in several countries, and is often considered one of Spektor’s greatest songs. As of 2009, it has sold 143,000 copies in United States.

“Samson” was initially recorded as the first track for Spektor’s second album Songs, which she recorded in one take on Christmas Day 2001.In 2006, Spektor re-recorded the song for her album Begin to Hope, which, unlike Songs, had a major label backing.

Lyrically, “Samson” references the biblical episode of Samson and Delilah, found in the Book of Judges. Samson was granted extraordinary physical strength by God, though his strength was held in his hair, without which he was powerless. He fell in love with Delilah, who, because of his lust for women, discovered his vulnerability, and used it against him.

The song is composed in the key of B major. The earlier recording from Songs has a tempo of 76 beats per minute, whereas the Begin to Hope version was recorded at a significantly faster tempo of 90 beats per minute. The song alters between bars of 6/4 and bars of 4/4. Spektor’s voice ranges from the low note of B3 to the high notes of D#5. – Wikipedia


You are my sweetest downfall
I loved you first, I loved you first
Beneath the sheets of paper lies my truth
I have to go, I have to go
Your hair was long when we first met

Samson went back to bed
Not much hair left on his head

He ate a slice of Wonder Bread

And went right back to bed
And the history books forgot about us
And the Bible didn’t mention us
And the Bible didn’t mention us, not even once

You are my sweetest downfall
I loved you first, I loved you first
Beneath the stars came fallin’ on our heads
But they’re just old light, they’re just old light
Your hair was long when we first met

Samson came to my bed
Told me that my hair was red
Told me I was beautiful
And came into my bed
Oh, I cut his hair myself one night
A pair of dull scissors in the yellow light
And he told me that I’d done alright
And kissed me ’til the mornin’ light, the mornin’ light
And he kissed me ’til the mornin’ light

Samson went back to bed
Not much hair left on his head

He ate a slice of Wonder Bread

And went right back to bed
Oh, we couldn’t bring the columns down
Yeah, we couldn’t destroy a single one
And the history books forgot about us
And the Bible didn’t mention us, not even once

You are my sweetest downfall
I loved you first

20 thoughts on “#SLS He Ate a Slice of Wonder Bread

  1. Cute song Janis. I actually wrote a song about Samson for my second book.
    Samson traveled to Gaza, and he met a prostitute.
    Samson laid with her and then they had a dispute.
    She wanted more money than Samson was willing to pay.
    But when she saw Samson’s muscles, she said let’s hit the hay.
    The people of Gaza knew Samson was there!
    They tried to surround him but to their despair,
    Samson broke loose and crashed through the city gate.
    Samson was too strong, they citizens only made him irate.
    Delilah was a woman from the Valley of Sorek.
    Samson was a judge and he did not eat pork.
    Samson fell madly in love with the beautiful Delilah.
    He loved her so much, he said ‘I would like to buy ya.’
    The Philistines knew that Samson possessed great strength.
    Samson never trusted them, so he maintained an arm’s length.
    The Philistines approached Delilah to become their spy.
    They offered her shekels of silver piled up to the sky.
    Delilah was paid to seduce Samson and make him tell.
    Samson played with Delilah because he liked her smell.
    Delilah said, if you love me, show me what makes you so strong, let me know.
    Samson knew that if he told his secret, he may no longer be able to beat his foe.
    Delilah nagged and prodded him day after day, until he could take no more.
    Samson told her no razor has ever touched his head, then he called her a whore.
    Delilah seduced and deceived Samson, because she wanted to collect the money.
    She cunningly crafted her plan to cut off all of his hair and did he look funny.
    Samson became weak, he was captured and taken to prison.
    Samson prayed to God and hoped that He would listen.
    The Philistines gouged out his eyes and kept him in jail.
    Samson was devastated and he became very pale.
    Samson’s hair grew back, which the Philistines ignored.
    He gained his strength again as he prayed to the Lord.
    They chained Samson up to the pillars on the temple foundation.
    Samson could not break the chains, but he felt a holy sensation.
    Samson was the strongest man that ever lived on this earth.
    He pushed with all his might, he pulled for all he was worth.
    Samson gritted his teeth and started to tear the building down.
    The two support pillars shattered and ended up on the ground.
    Everyone in the building died that day and Delilah was sad.
    She knew that Samson was the best lover that she ever had.

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    1. Yes Micah, there are times that we stop keto and get out of ketosis — when we get sick, we had to eat healthier and usually, heavier… so we sometimes rest. But we’ve gained a lot while on pause so we’re religiously back at it again. My husband lost 4 cm from his waistline already in 2 weeks… me? I do not measure until I feel to be lighter.


    1. Hahaha.
      I get to eat Wonder Bread from time to time— we get to buy it from the commissary @ my sister’s workplace as she works in the American Base here in Riyadh… it’s one of the perks 😉

      Thanks! Really really nice vocals indeed!


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