Mornings with Husband #2

H: Angelina Jolie got back together with her ex-husband

M: No, way!??!!! Huh?!! I don’t think so…

H: She did! (laughing)

M: Not with Brad!!! I think it’s with that Hackers dude!

H: How did you know?

M: Because it can’t be Brad.

H: You’re still hoping Jen would take him.

M: Why, is there something wrong with that?

H: Nothing, you’re just so hopeful, but it’s never happening. Brad will choose a younger one, like the model he was dating.

M: Just wait an see.

4 thoughts on “Mornings with Husband #2

  1. HAhahhaha! I think I’m with your husband on this one. Also because Jen is TOO TOO TOO good for Brad. So I really hope she doesn’t end up with him.
    PS: I feel stupid having such strong feelings about two people that I don’t really know 😀 :D:D

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