Juan Learning

Hello, Filipino Homeschoolers.

I know that like me, some of you suffer in finding materials for Sibika and Filipino subjects. I have just learned (from a fellow mommy) that there’s an online ad free platform that could cater my Filipino curriculum needs —

Juan Learning ensures that every Filipino child will learn not only arithmetic and life sciences but also the very much needed skills they need in life. They offer core subjects such as Math, English, Science, Filipino and Social Studies together with life skills and self-development programs in order to cover every single aspect that can affect their growth into better individuals that can make an impact in the society.

But I have to be honest, I have an affiliate link here and I kindly request if you can use my link to browse the program and in subscribing in case you end up liking either of the plans (Lion / Tiger).

Please click the link to check about Juan Learning: https://www.juanlearning.com/a/2147486215/LJPRCFPu

And here’s the link to register to a free parenting webinar, in case you want to attend (it’s kind of long but it’s worth your while): https://www.juanlearning.com/a/2147487702/LJPRCFPu

Thank you.

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