Mornings with Husband

H: Mommy, you should see Page Six for Travis and Kourtney

M: Eee, do you know that Khloe and Tristan split?

H: Again? Haha. They always do. Do you know that the gf of Bradley is Cristiano Ronaldo’s ex?

M: Really?

H: Yeah, after Ronaldo dumped her but apparently, it’s been a while like 2015-ish

M: Really? We’re so late! Lol I thought Bradley dates Gaga

H: Perhaps for the movie… That’s why she looked so familiar when I saw her pictures with Bradley (still talks about Irina)

H: Speaking of Cristiano Ronaldo, did you know that Ronaldinho Gaucho was in prison?

M: No! Why?

H: Money laundering issues blah blah blah

M: He laundered his money?

H: Nah, some charity dirty business . I didn’t read the details.

M: Oh. How are you feeling by the way? (He was feeling sick the night before)

H: Thank you for finally asking about me.

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