Crushing Over a Biker

My father-in-law used to ride a Harley back when he’s younger. He’s 71 years old right now, let’s say, about 10 years younger. So we have really heard of Sons of Anarchy. It’s not a show that we only recently discovered because of Hulu. It’s something that’s being discussed over and over in the household. Thankfully, I never really cared about bikes and criminality so I did not pay much attention.

I sometimes rest my eyes for a while after watching a bunch of K and J Dramas. I would need some shows that won’t require subtitles so my husband told me that instead of watching Grey’s Anatomy for 1,000,000th time, why don’t I just finish The Walking Dead since I am already on its 8th Season. I did try but I felt that I wasn’t ready yet. Hence, the decision to watch Sons of Anarchy. My husband’s seen this already when it was originally released but he’s happy to watch the show with me.

We’ve had some issues during the course of our watching. He was pissed at my being so angry at Gemma (Katey Sagal), the matriarch. At first, he would make me feel like he was thinking that I am relating this to our reality since he believes that I have a beef about him being a mama’s boy. Well I do but my excessive reaction against Gemma is totally not about that. I was also pissed by his meddling with how I am supposed to react to the point that I have stopped reacting at all. He was controlling my comments!

So okay, having finished the show, I realized that my husband (and after coming clean) was not really pissed at my overreaction against the matriarch. He was just deflecting because he severely wanted me to know more about her character that would even anger me more. Like — he wanted to say, “wait for it” — but then he could not. So he’s hidden his reactions by heckling me instead.

The thing is, he’s practically just watching me watch Sons of Anarchy, he loved the idea that I didn’t have any clue about the show.

One thing he’s been watching is how I am falling in love with Jax Teller day by day. Haha. It’s like he knew it. He was waiting for my reactions about Jax and how obsessive I’d get once again.

He said, “I know you have a thing for Scandinavian looking folks and how for you, the Vikings are gods themselves!” He was teasing me as he says, “it’s like watching you watch Twilight all over again!

I am glad having a husband who supports my crazy!

So yes, I am definitely blown away by Jax Teller. I know it’s way long overdue, nevertheless, I am glad I didn’t skip watching Sons of Anarchy.

This is a full blown fangirling post, I know.

9 thoughts on “Crushing Over a Biker

    1. Haha. This is where we jive most. He’s always teasing me for being head over heels in love with Thor and Joel Kinnaman and now— with Charlie lolz… lucky bestie! Scandinavians are heaven sent!

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