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This is a rant post. My patience was tried and tested this week. I always pray for self-control especially when I am being provoked, but it’s super difficult.

First, why can online sellers in FB Marketplace easily label people as a BOGUS BUYER or JOY RESERVER whenever they encounter unfortunate buy and sell situations but customers cannot complain about sellers being BOGUS SELLERS.

I was craving for salted eggs last Friday and being in Riyadh, it’s not as accessible. We’d only find them in Filipino stores but since we do not go out, I never get to shop any Filipino goods unless I’d resort to Facebook Marketplace. I contacted the seller Friday noon time. They told me that they’d deliver that night. I am a nice customer (promise), sellers are aware of that. I rush no one and I don’t really give deadlines. The seller was the one who told me that they’d deliver that night. Mind you, there’s a hefty delivery fee so they weren’t doing us any favors. That night, she messaged me that they couldn’t come. I told them that it’s fine as I was not in a rush. The next morning, around 11:00 am — the seller messaged me and told me to wait for the driver as he is about to deliver the merchandise. In my mind, “LUCKY, I’d have salted egg for lunch!”

No one came. I contacted the seller around at 4:00 pm and she was like, “hasn’t he called you?” With that, she told me that she would contact the driver — moments later, she messaged me and told me to wait as the driver will deliver the merchandise between 7:00-8:00 pm, she seemed oblivious about how I was waiting from the morning because she’s told me so. I didn’t go with my husband for an errand outside the house because I had to wait from 11:00 am.

Fast forward to 10:00 pm, the item hasn’t been delivered. I called the seller again and finally, she told me that the driver is 10 minutes away. I asked my husband to receive it. He paid 100 SAR and told me that the driver didn’t have enough change so he was four Riyals short. FINE. So I put the seller on my mute messages on Whatsapp and placed her on ignore list on my FB, never will I order from them again. They were the most unprofessional sellers I’ve dealt with.

Around 12 midnight, I received nonstop calls from an unrecognized number, on the 5th call, I have decided to finally answer despite the time. The guy on the other line told me that we paid less than the bill so I asked my husband how much was the change. He checked his pocket and said that it was 42 SAR out of 100 SAR. The driver was four SAR short so we basically paid 58 SAR.

Okay so we didn’t settle the actual bill apparently because my bill was 84 SAR. My husband didn’t know how much to pay because I told the seller that my money is 100 SAR and that they should prepare the exact change. They agreed but totally ignored since they were four Riyals short and my husband won’t count the change nor care to check it (for real), so I had to base it on the convo that they’d bring the exact change.

Because the payment came in short, they asked me to send 30 SAR. I told them I should only send 26 SAR because I paid 58 SAR all in all. They told me that the driver did not give the four SAR so it should be on my account. Imagine that?! I am to cover for the change that they supposedly lacked. Was it my fault that their delivery guy doesn’t know how to give appropriate change? My mistake was not checking the change because perhaps, I was so tired of waiting for the items that I don’t care anymore. So to avoid further discussion, I acknowledged and agreed to pay the remaining amount thru a mobile payment.

The guy gave me two options to send money to. I found no account under those numbers however they insisted. It was a stressful process because there was really nothing. I told them that if there were accounts registered to the numbers, it should appear as possible recipients vs. how they appear — invite to join the program. I was so pissed because it’s way past midnight. They insisted that I pay, so they asked me to send them mobile load (prepaid card). How was I suppose to buy them in the middle of the night? My line was different from theirs so I could not transfer via my account. Thankfully, my bank sells those card codes so I sent him 40 SAR because the 30 SAR denomination was not available. It was 10 SAR bonus apart from the 4 SAR earlier on. We closed the matter.

Or so I thought.

The next morning, on my way to work, the girl seller called me and asks for the same thing. I told her that I stayed up all night just to close the issue with that guy who was calling me past midnight last night. She was messaging me non stop that I didn’t pay the exact amount. Like I swindled them for a million dollars!!! I called her and I was already pissed. Because her message said that I didn’t pay them enough when I paid 100 SAR — it’s them who did not know how to calculate. The entire transaction was up to them because I paid 100 SAR bill. I told her what happened exactly and I was asking her why she’s hassling me early in the morning like I cheated on them when in fact, I overpaid them despite the worst service they’ve provided me. I told her that I have been patient enough for 2 days but the way they’re hassling me for 26 Riyals in insane!!! I told them that I paid them 14 SAR extra because they provide such wonderful service.

She was quiet. I was really mad because I didn’t have enough sleep and I hate how if the situation was reversed, they’re so easy to retaliate about my being a bogus buyer. This is not the first time I’ve had the unfortunate encounter with an online seller. The first one was about 2 months ago (delivered totally different grocery item brands, charging me with the original price (gave me the generics) and was short some items but didn’t refund me. I let it pass by ignoring the seller right after. But this one just got on my nerves.

Another seller victimized me few days later when I had to buy something for a friend but couldn’t go out because it’s Ramadan and the mall schedule is kind of messed up. I decided to contact a seller and asked if they can deliver the next day. She promised that they can. I told her that it’s a gift that I need to give on 14 April so I must have it by the 13th. She said fine, you will get it on time. Come 13th night time, no call was received. We waited until 11:00 pm but there’s nothing. I told the seller that it’s really a bad move since I ordered for one specific purpose only and I have made it quite clear. I ordered lots of items despite the intention of buying just a gift set, I ended up buying lots of things for myself, clothes etc. So it is a significant sale. She apologized and seemed sincere, she is only selling on the side as she is a houseworker. Mentioned that being the first day of Ramadan, yesterday was extremely busy. I let it go and told her that I’d cancel the gift set since I found an item to give in lieu of what I ordered, I told her they can deliver over the weekend and I’d replace the gift set with some other items instead. We agreed.

Around 2:00 pm yesterday, the driver was calling me saying that the items are on its way. He is near my house. I told him I am at work during the day and currently not in my house (hence the chosen delivery time to be night time). He said I’d go to your workplace instead. I hate it because I work in a banking facility. We do not usually go in and out during working hours. Uggh, I hate filing exit permission for a simple pickup. The seller and I had a clear convo to deliver it over the weekend and that I will cancel the gift set as I don’t need it anymore. They delivered the items with the gift set that I already cancelled. Colors were not accurate despite the seller encircling the photo that I sent to acknowledge that she understood my choices. I am super disappointed.

Nevertheless, it’s over and I am ok. I think I won’t order via FB Marketplace anytime soon.

13 thoughts on “FB Marketplace

  1. I have never used Facebook Marketplace, and never will because I deleted my Facebook account. I heard a lot of similar stories to yours, so I never tried it. My uncle sells on Ebay and he will never use Facebook Marketplace for a lot of reasons. For him, Ebay is a lot better. I’m sorry that happened to you though. I hate how Marketplace just seems to be a place to screw people over

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    1. It is and if you complain or rant about them at the Marketplace, you’ll appear like bullying not the small scale businesses but the actual people who screwed you up who were oftentimes, barely breaking even … but regardless of the situation— we should ways give our best service like how we wanted to be served.

      You are smart for not using this venue.


  2. Taking it a step further. I don’t do Facebook at all. Even my friends with whom I agreed politically got on my nerves. Thanks for sharing your story. Just onemore reason not to go back to Facebook.

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  3. Janis, this is when you let them know you are really Alice from Resident Evil. They are lucky you didn’t rant and rave in other places. Good on you for putting all of this behind you. It does help to tell your story in situations like this.

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    1. Thanks, I tried to be graceful about situations like this. Oftentimes, I’d rant to my husband but he’s the kind of person who doesn’t really just listen. It’s like when I rant on something, it’s because I want something done… he doesn’t get that some people just rant for catharsis… thankfully, I can blog about it hehe… But it’s different when it’s on Amazon or Ebay, I do give honest — no holds barred reviews.

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