Why One Shouldn’t Gossip

Apart from the fact that it’s such a horrible thing to do

Several years ago, I went to the Philippines for a quick getaway. I am not very fond of super malls so I decided to go and shop from that smaller mall beside my former school for a little dose of quiet and nostalgia.

Apparently, my officemate (from our job overseas) who’s filed her vacation the same dates as my leave was also in the same mall (how come?!). She probably also loves peace and quiet…

The thing is, I saw her as soon as I got out of the store and I was heading their way. Pivoting to avoid them would be so obvious given the many many carry-ons that are to turn with me because I was perhaps only 6 feet away. The thing is, she’s with someone who isn’t her husband. This guy also works in the same company only from a different department, he is also married by the way.

It’s been a longstanding question as to why the closeness, but since we know her family, we didn’t entertain any malicious possibilities. Until I saw her with that guy holding hands while walking with matching obvious sweetness, like teen love. I was shocked – she was mortified. She explained that her husband was with them and was just buying something from the store on the lower level of the mall. I smiled, engaged in the most awkward small talk and told her I had to rush out.

To be fair, I was only in my early 20s. I don’t know how to handle such a big shocker so I called my bestfriend from the office. She’s 30, perhaps she’d know better… nah, I knew that she won’t be of anything but I really needed someone I can entrust such a sensitive thing with. Before I told her anything, I made her promise not to tell a soul. I was going to tell her something that she cannot ever share even with her husband. She promised. So I told her.

Fast forward to three years from that scene. I didn’t have anyone from the office joining me for lunch, I scanned the room and saw a friend from another department. I asked if I can join her, she said yes, so I sat with her.

Incidentally, the pair was also in the cafeteria casually waiting by the cashier. My friend glanced at them and told me,

Do you know that your officemate and that guy are dating? Apparently someone saw them few years ago in that mall in Manila, the one beside the love hotels. According to that person, they were very sweet like teenagers and she even lied about her husband being with them.

Ok. The love hotel remark was not mine. But my school was in fact situated near the love hotels & I did mention that the mall was near my former school.

I was so ashamed realizing how a particular gossip that I have started circled back to me. It may be true but it was all on me since there couldn’t be another person from our workplace who had witnessed that.

I asked the one whom I had shared that gossip with, yes, she’s definitely told someone and of all people, she had to tell a well-known company gossip.

It’s a lesson learned the most embarrassing way plus I never told that friend anything from that moment forward.

13 thoughts on “Why One Shouldn’t Gossip

  1. I agree with you. Having gone to a women’s college, it was a thing to “spill tea”. You can see like gossip can mean different things to different people. You could tell which students were immature and which were mature by what they considered “tea”. My friends and I only spilled tea if we knew that tea wasn’t going to be harmful. I knew other people who were far less careful. It was a small campus and word travels fast. It was the kind of environment that could either be toxic or nice depending on what kind of tea people spilled. I learned a lot

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    1. We all learn from our mistakes… and I totally get how it is for an all girls college… There’s a point in my life when I had to cut off some friends because I realized that whenever we’re together, we become a unified body of gossips and backbiters… I didn’t wanna be like that and I believe they also did not want such life, it was us as a group… we’re toxic together… but now that we’re older haha, we’re near our 40s, we are sooooo much different — families, money (or lack thereof) and life in general is all we talk about

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  2. Sadly, gossip was invented before the Internet. The Internet is the crazy place it is because people simply bring their bad habits online. And even more cynical people use those devices to earn money. I wish I could shout this out louder. I wish we would all spend our time more productively.

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