Some Good News

I had my Covid retesting this morning and they updated my status from infected to this:

It means I am back to work tomorrow. How about that right?

Praise God for not letting me become a Covid casualty like what I’ve always feared of. It’s been a constant paranoia and I am grateful because my comorbidities didn’t mess it all up. Thank you Lord Jesus!

Plus, I am also thankful because my husband’s headaches have subsided. He is just experiencing his standard TN pain which is still being prayed for (pls. God!) and I am glad to receive another good news today (very much related to the March 2 bad news)…

Ibang klase ka talaga Panginoon! (You’re really awesome God!)

50 thoughts on “Some Good News

    1. I am super busy tomorrow—- seeing my sched— I was actually worried on how I’d manage it @ home, though part of me wants nap time by noon — it’s more difficult when I’ve only got my laptop and work phone, ok na ring bumalik huhuhu, bye siesta…thank u!

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    1. Thank you ❤ The guy who gave me Covid was by the gate saying "Welcome back Genesis!!" He was grinning like crazy! He was so glad and relieved (I think) that we were all okay.


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