Isolation Day 10

I think I am 90 percent healed, 10% is for the little shortness of breath episodes that is probably associated with my asthma. Unfortunately, my husband is still hypersensitive to pain and his TN doesn’t help at all. He is feeling all the feelings — pain most of all. My son is okay. He also has some asthma breath so I nebulize him regularly and continuously monitor his breathing. Praise God for His guidance and protection!

We did Thor movies today. Chris Hemsworth is regal.

I have nothing new to say, we are just glad things are getting better en route to recovery. Before I end this post, I did some weird app voodoo today and this is what it gave me:

First of all, I am not always drunk but yeah, I am a bit crazy. Getting into this app is what quarantine does to me!

26 thoughts on “Isolation Day 10

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better, but still taking care of yourself. I hope you don’t have any long-term effects either. Hope your husband and son start feeling better soon

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  2. Chris Hemsworth is fab! I take my hat off to you and yours and how you are getting through this very trying time.

    So sorry to hear about your aunties as well. May peace be with them.

    I love the app self quote. They do keep you sane!

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      1. I havea theory on that, which I air from time to time. Marvel is our pacifier, so we can remain blissfully unaware of things that might otherwise be important.

        I have not yet been recognise by the Nobel Committee, but am expecting their notification any day now.

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    1. They tested positive a week later, brook and i are fine.. hubby though is not doing so well with his TN and the headaches… he becomes hypersensitive due to TN


        1. She is ok. Tested negative 2x. She stays in her room. I wear ppe when going to common areas, she disinfects areas I’ve been to…plus she had the complete dose of vaccine as well.


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