Isolation Days 11&12

I skipped posting an update yesterday, it must be a good sign right?

Yes and No.

Yes — because I resumed homeschooling Brook since we could potentially be super late. I don’t want to cram hard later. We’re already blessed because our school is quite lenient and has practically given us free reign over the scheduling and distribution of lessons.

No — because I got so busy taking care of my husband. He is still in so much pain and it’s kind of hard because I don’t know what to do to alleviate the pain since nothing seems to work. We even tried some controlled meds for pain given to me for a different purpose, but to no avail. I wish he’d agree to go to the hospital.

He and I watched Iron Man movies today. He got so pissed as to how I am watching the films in a totally disorganised manner. I reminded him how I eat dessert before the main course. He gets it.

12 thoughts on “Isolation Days 11&12

  1. Lol re dessert and watching movies out of order, because you know who does that too. I am going to throw in reading a book out of order as well. Linda will read the last page, then then a chapter here and there. It’s good you can help get Brook back on track re school. I hope you can get hubby to hospital too.

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