Isolation Day 8: MCU Marathon

So I just finished all the MCU movies that I’ve told my husband that we’d finish. It so happens that I can’t get enough of it so we decided to flashback to the Captain America movie—I initially told him we’d skip this one despite Chris Evans being the guy my husband gave me a free pass for. I mean, his is Adriana Lima— so I think it’s pretty fair.

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I wanted to skip the Captain America movie because it’s too far behind, I do not want to go that far back. To be fair, we also skipped the Iron Man ones.

After Captain America, I decided to play The Avengers but eventually had fallen asleep being that I am not used to watching superheroes alone. My husband had fallen asleep earlier on as he suffers from severe headaches which had worsen his Trigeminal Neuralgia episodes. He is in so much pain. We decided to dose him with Tegretol hoping to ease his nerves (that is his TN meds by the way).

He is still asleep and I am hoping it stays that way because he is in so much pain awake. Apparently, Covid related headaches are analgesic resistant so yeah… that explains why nothing has worked so far. He is actually doing so good because TN is definitely not a walk in the park. He is doing so well considering the agony he’s feeling daily.

Other than these, we are still fine.

Thank You LORD!

27 thoughts on “Isolation Day 8: MCU Marathon

  1. I liked the Captain America movie, but not so much CE in the role. I enjoyed Hugo Weaving in the role of Red Skull. He is one of the Aussie great actors. I was disappointed with theCaptain America movies that followed, because for me, he came across as quite wimpy. The first Iron Man movie is the only one worth watching, and is an unpopular opinion at home 😂 As for the subsequent Avenger movies, yeah, well, I am not a big fan overall – again not a popular opinion at home. Good on you for finishing those MCU movies you said you would 😊 Pain of any sort is a terrible thing, but I am sorry to hear your hubby has TN. I hope he, Brook and you can stay well rested. If you can, take a look at Vincenzo, a kdrama on Netflix, it’s a real hoot and Sisyphus for some decent time bending sci-fi.

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    1. I have actually run out of things to watch so I have rerun some dramas and comedies. I will look it up, thanks for the tip.

      He’s had TN since 2015, but the doctor didn’t want to touch it yet, he said, til it’s time, right now, he’s better of with Tegretol. I can’t wait for it to disappear (it usually takes a break for a month or two)

      LOL re: Chris Evans, I liked him as a cutie but not much as the Captain either. He’s really ok but it somehow feels different with how Chris Hemsworth is Thor.

      I forgot about Red Skull until I was at the scene where Thanos searched for the soul stone, husband explained about Red Skull… then I thought I’ve got to watch The Captain America movie.

      I am curious about the kinds of convos you share @ home 😀 😀 😀

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      1. The conversations go like this: “Dad’s picking the movie tonight.” The response is generally along the lines of: “Take the remote off your father, his track record’s not the best when it comes to picking something decent to watch.” I have to admit that it is quite true. However, every now and then I pick a good one – then you should hear the other comments I get 😂

        On the conversations re MCU – me: “Marvel and DC have totally destroyed many of the superheroes for me. What was Stan Lee and the others thinking etc. When I was a kid the cartoon and comics were so good. The characters were very grown up and aspirational.” The response: “That’s what happens when you are as old as the dinosaurs, Dad.” I think our daughter generally agrees with me as she is a film maker afterall 😊 We then have a discussion about remakes e.g. Spiderman and so on.

        Thank you for providing some more insight around TN. I can appreciate some of the issues around it. I have a whole daily regime in place to manage migraine.

        You might like “Run On.” It’s very refreshing as far as kdramas go. Even Linda liked it 😉


        1. I can imagine your kids! They’re so close to you and I really admire the way you treat them—we cannot joke about dinosaur age with our dad — we’re unsure what happens right after lol.

          The concept of superheroes in our generation has become complex… we are conflicted whether they are good or not— i.e. Scarlet Witch, Punisher, Moon Knight but then it also depends on who sees it, for my husband—they’re all good heroes 😂

          What does your daughter do by the way?

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          1. They have been very good kids, and they each have a cheeky disposition.

            I think that the trend of going down the dark path with superheroes or those associated with them is an issue for me. However, I do think The Punisher is well done and relevant.

            My daughter is head of production design on an Australian movie at the moment:


            So, she has designed the sets, costumes, props, oversees construction and so on. She is on set now finishing up the final build.


            1. My daughter is head of production design on an Australian movie at the moment:

              I checked out the link, what she does is impressive Sean! You and Linda did great raising awesome children!

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    1. Wow! That’s great! I remember the queue on these movies on their first 2days. I was able to watch Deathly Hallows and Twilight in the Philippines, my gosh, the line was unimaginable! I can imagine how it must be for Endgame!

      Thank God there are cinemas here in Riyadh by the time Endgame came… we got to see it in big screen as opposed to most MCU movies


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