Isolation Day 7 & The YellowStone

I am on my 7th day of the 2-week required isolation. I must say, I have feasted on so much movies and TV series. The best so far is my binge on Yellowstone. Have you seen it yet?

This series is a heavy duty drama with a good amount of action starring Kevin Costner, among other big stars. It’s like Cowboys vs. Indians kind of story with a solid dash of Soprano. The 4th season will start in June so I am kind of bummed because I am done with all three seasons — it sucks waiting 3 months to see the next episode, imagine, 3 months for a “single” episode???– after the YS marathon, I can’t get enough. It’s that good.

I had a weird feeling today. I thought I was okay except for the sore eyes that developed yesterday. My father brought soup for me and wanted to see me so he had me go out of the house and left the packed meal on the hood of his car. When I was climbing the stairs, I noticed that I am having shortness of breath and it was kind of heavy til I reached our room. I rested but I felt tachycardic for sometime. So yeah, perhaps that’s why people need at least 14 days to fully recover. I am still having some difficulty breathing and it was triggered by the up and downstairs situation. I am used to SOB because of my hemolytic anemia but I didn’t know it could effortlessly exacerbate this much just by doing my routine. I suppose it’s best to stay put and stick with my day-to-day stretching in the morning.

I know this too shall pass and everything’s going to be alright. I just felt I had to detail my experience because I am forgetful & I tend to get stuck with the oldest of memories but forgets anything that’s happened recently. I really don’t mean to spam people’s readers. Anyhoo, thanks for being part of my journey — I’ve caught H1N1 before & at that time, I was hospitalized, but H1N1 was not as big a pandemic like Covid. I believe this experience is worth documenting.

Unfortunately, I am wrapping today’s post with some bad news, both my husband and son tested positive today. It’s inevitable, I guess, since I have exposed them while I did not know I’ve caught the virus.

I hate Covid.

Covid sucks.