Isolation Day 5

We’ve finished Wanda Vision on Disney yesterday. I have no idea about the series, never did research about it so I was kind of shocked as to how it started and how it went down.

Source: Wikipedia

So yeah, we did some Marvel marathon today. I begged for my husband not to watch chronologically because I don’t want to strain my eyes with the old school Iron Man movies so we kind of started with Captain Marvel, Age of Ultron, Doctor Strange (my favorite), Winter Soldier, Civil War and begged to skip any of Spidey’s because Brook had a stage when all we watch is Spiderman and I feel that I still got enough supply of it to warrant my asking to skip them. I know the list will go further later tonight, it’s currently 10:30 pm. Thank God for technology, we’re able to watch this together.

I have no symptoms except for minor coughing and lack of sense of smell / taste although I am still unable to request for a new test because it’s probably protocol to complete the whole quarantine period before one can get retested for Covid. Is protocol my new favorite word?

Anyhow, nothing noteworthy happened today. I slept til 12 noon and watched movies all day long. We ordered Jollibee and Oreo Donuts but before the food got delivered, Brook already fell asleep. I am so bummed at this situation because we chose the stuff he likes to compensate for my not being with my son — I can’t believe he’s too bored he’s fallen asleep oh so early! I am glad though because my best friend’s son who is the same age as Brook finally got into chatting with him. Can’t believe they’re big enough to chat with each other. I am excited to see that our sons could actually become friends — best friends if they’re as nice as their folks.

It’s another work from home day tomorrow. I should be on sick leave right? I mean, I’ve got Covid for crying out loud! Does it not call for an SL? Haha. Things are really different with the work from home setup. It more stressful, for real. Nevertheless, I am grateful for all that I have. For the family, for my husband and son, and for my true friends. I am glad that my GOD is bigger than my problems.