Isolation Day 4

Today, my husband woke me up from an apparent nightmare. I was shouting and crying. I remembered my dream, it was of an angry female ghost trying to get in the house (my childhood home in Pampanga). My mom and I were banishing her away reciting Bible verses, reading passages that should cast out evil spirits. That was a strange dream.

The reason why I blog about my quarantine experience is because I want to reiterate how sneaky the virus is. It shocked me how fast Covid can really get to you — I mean, despite following protocol, staying 2 meters apart, wearing face masks, and not engaging into lengthy social interaction, where did I go wrong. My hands are as dry as the Sahara Desert because of how I over sanitize and wash — I don’t really understand how it happened.

When we return to the office, I’d make sure to wear face shield no matter how ridiculous I’d seem because no one wears it in Riyadh. I have to exert an extra effort to protect my family, because I already failed doing so.

My symptoms are still the same, I slept almost the entire noon time. I felt so dizzy and sleepy so I rested a bit. My chest is wheezing, asthma like manifestations — perhaps it’s really an asthma episode. I don’t have an extra nebulizer because we moved the nebulizer to the other room for Brook.

My mom cooked Sinigang na Oxtail for us — my father left it by the door. They felt so near yet so far. We didn’t see them drop it. It felt so different without getting to thank them face-to-face.

My brother-in-law feels okay. He was feverish earlier in the morning but subsided in the afternoon. Unfortunately, the guy from the office who got his positive results same day as I did apparently got hospitalized. I didn’t have lots of details but I am sure his symptoms were worse. They do not take in minor Covid cases. I do hope he gets better soon.

Wishing everyone wellness and strength during these trying times.

God bless!