Isolation Day 3

My symptoms are the same as yesterday. Of all times, we had water outage so we had to buy a truck of water for temporary supply. It should be enough for 2 days as it’s for four homes I believe.

My brother-in-law tested positive. Thankfully, my parents and sisters were negative. I feel guilty about him contracting the virus from me. His family stayed with our folks and he quarantines alone. My parents leave him supplies by the door.

This totally sucks.

I knew about this setup having heard interviews and read stuff from the net— never had I imagined that it could happen to us. It felt more real now that we’re experiencing it first hand.

Brook stopped homeschooling for a while. We’re now delayed with the exams, lessons although he had some performance tasks prepared pre-Covid, so he’s covered in that regard.

We are indulging ourselves with Roblox. I hate playing these games but it’s the only bond we could share these days. He doesn’t understand how serious Covid is despite my constant reiteration but he’s a kid… we can only expect them to understand the kiddie version of things.

We received some bad news 2 days ago, right along my positive Covid results. Sometimes, God gives us trials that only He understands. I know that He will reveal His plans eventually. I trust in Him for He holds my future… even if it doesn’t make sense to me at the moment.

Thy will be done.

16 thoughts on “Isolation Day 3

  1. Trust God. If he saved me from leukemia surely he can bring you out of this Covid. Know that I have already prayed for you. Believing with you for a fast and non-incidental recovery in Jesus’ name. Blessings and Peace.

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  2. I admire how brave you are for narrating your day-to-day journey with Covid. All we can do is to embrace you through prayers. I can’t imagine how hard it is, but you’re such a brave woman.

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    1. Thanks Rhea, I’ve had some friends who had passed away last year due to Covid– I think it was the stronger strain… I am hopeful yet sometimes, scared because there’s too many things left to be done… but God is good & I have faith. He makes things beautiful! I am positive that we’ll get through this. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers ❤

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