Isolation Day 2

I am a little symptomatic now. I can feel the heat of Vicks but couldn’t smell it. Somehow, heat gives relief.

Covid protocols here is not immediate hospitalization— more of isolation and then healing, unless of course, you feel it’s required.

I am usually like this because I am asthmatic. But I really do hope it will subside soon.

I feel terrible for Brook, because he misses being with me. It’s hard to not be able to hug someone who is next room, literally. I now understand how it was for others.

I did the steaming thing and took Vitamin C, I have my regular meds on my bedside. It should be fine. I have to move a bit. Being on the bed for almost the whole of yesterday made me feel sicker.

I wonder if the pulse oximeter on Apple Watch is reliable. Oh well.

Dear Lord, I pray for healing and for the continuous safety of the people around me and those whom I had exposed. I hope they’re fine. May You grant us the strength to fight against this. Thanks dear Lord for the blood of Jesus and Your divine protection, may You continuously shelter us from harm. In Jesus name, Amen!

17 thoughts on “Isolation Day 2

    1. Thanks Pete, breathing is more difficult now. I will continue with the home remedies til today but if it gets worse tomorrow, I’d get myself checked in. I am hopeful it will be better tomorrow 💕

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        1. Thanks for the thoughts… i never underestimated covid, but i didnt realize how contracting it is literally like how it is being told. My family is waiting for their results tonight… fingers crossed! Thanks again! 💜

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  1. Kaunting tiis lang at gagaling ka. More and more people whom I know are getting infected. My wife’s employer tested positive and my wife got in touch with here but it somehow happened that she didn’t catch the virus. For one week we thought that our whole family had been infected…and what’s sad is that my wife’s employer got her to go to work without mentioning that she was positive…mga tao talaga

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    1. Thanks doc… I kind of gathered that last night because I am having SOB yet it still shows a hundred percent. Kaloka, dapat bumili na ko ng legit since it’s always been our problem… mine and my son’s as we’re both asthmatic with urticaria hay, I really hope my symptoms won’t get worse. Thanks again! 💕

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