About Last Night

Last night, there were several blasts that has once again scared the bejesus out of me. It was a lot. More than six definitely. Brook was supposed to be spending the night at my folks but we cancelled his sleepover because I can’t bear having him away from us while we are experiencing an attack from the neighboring forces.

Photos courtesy of Saudi Press Agency

I hate war. Why do we have to war against each other?

Of course I know the very reason of war and how it is a very profitable business for the stakeholders, unfortunately, it’s the collateral damage that I am most concerned about.

I know that whatever is happening right now has been written and prophesied in the Bible. In fact, there are nations that are yet to be destroyed but I can’t help wonder whether those were figuratively told or is it really going to happen? Because if so. I don’t understand it. We are living at the day and age of grace. Why do we need to do this? I don’t understand why kids in Syria and Yemen had to die. I don’t understand why people should fear for their lives.

I feel scared everyday.

Dear Lord,

Last night, during our fellowship, I have just prayed for the safety of Saudi Arabia and minutes later, there were blasts. I know that You’re teaching me a valuable lesson there, is it perhaps not to fear? I know the fact that they’ve been intercepted is a sign of Your protection, but still, it can get pretty scary.

Pls. help me understand.

❤ Janis

18 thoughts on “About Last Night

  1. Here, we never hear of attacks on KSA. We hear regularly about KSA’s attacks on Yemen, say. So it makes me wonder how we are being manipulated.
    At the height of the Dulf War I took to watching Al Jazeera, as a counter-balance to everything else I heard. I think I should do so again.

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    1. There’s war going on definitely between ksa and houthi. Yemen was taken over by the Houthi forces who attacks ksa thru the the help of its friends. Yemen is in a real tough place, too many kids dying because of the war.. hunger and lack of shelter… it can get real scary over here..

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    1. Houthi attacked Yemen, Houthi attacked Saudi Arabia — and back. US backs up Saudi Arabia and Iran for the other… something like that. Here in Middle East, war doesn’t really stop… the borders are always under siege…


  2. Janis, I would like you to know that our thoughts are with you and yours. We appreciate you letting us know what is going on. From what I can see, matters have become complex very quickly re the Houthi.

    It is scary, especially not knowing what will happen next in an ever changing environment such as yours. This type of warfare has no boundaries. Kids and families are always on the receiving end. Good family friends of ours used to tell us stories of when they lived in Northern Ireland and it was not unusual for them to duck for cover regularly on a Friday night, even during washing the dishes watching gun fights and blasts from the kitchen. They got through this awful time and I am sure you and your family will too.

    Despite what’s written, it is, as Linda and I like to say: “all written in custard until it happens.” I take the view that such writings are figuratively, a parable or a possibility, and so we have the opportunity to always make for a better outcome. Think Dr Frome – look for the light in the world and remove the darkness from our lives 😊 I think you are very good at doing that. Be safe and take care.

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