Run Hide Fight

Ever since learning that my boss has a panic room ever so hidden, I have imagined morbid scenarios leading to things I should I do in case of a take over or a shootout. Given the insanity of the world today, I really can’t say that I am overthinking this situation. Things happen everywhere and if you remember my Wordless Wednesday entry some days ago, all I can say is, “man, I wish they were fireworks!

My mom told me that while Brook was taking a shower during one sleepover in their house, he heard a loud bang, the sound was isolated to the toilet area so most likely, people upstairs were rearranging their furniture. According to my mom, he ran so fast, in a towel, all wet with water dripping on the floor. He got traumatized by the consecutive explosions the week before. I hate that my son experienced such trauma — quite similar to my traumatic experience with guns that happened during childhood yet up to know, I still get jumpy over the sound of a congested muffler. It’s not easy to shake off.

I come to work significantly early so I am always able to watch some shows or movies before work starts. Today, I chose Run Hide Fight. It is a 2020 American action thriller film starring Thomas Jane, Radha Mitc hell, and Isabel May.


The story is about a high school student Zoe Hull who struggles to return to her normal life after her mom’s death. It has been particularly difficult for Zoe causing her relationship with her father, Todd, to become strained. On the way to school, Zoe witnesses classmate Chris Jelick planting a strange device in a field, but shrugs it off as a prank. At school, Zoe’s best friend Lewis attempts to ask her to prom but totally went out of hand with an awkward semi-rejection plus the drink spilling on her causing her to leave for the bathroom therefore being able to heroically save the day.

Critics gave such bad reviews to this film, some even said that it’s too pedestrian in terms of directing and storyline but some praised the actors for being able to pull through despite the ugliness of everything. As for me, the movie is fine. I enjoyed watching it. It was worth spending my 1 hour and 49 minutes. I am not a member of the Academy so perhaps my comments do not really matter but does everyone really enjoy the movies recommended by them? I feel that they manipulate the trend as to what’s good and of high quality, deliberately controlling the actors’ paychecks in the process. I mean, not because they said it’s good, it’s really good, right? But then, it’s just me.

While watching, I have also asked myself these questions,

“Will I be a hero like Zoe and refuse to be saved by the police & become the savior of all?” or “Will I save as many as I could and eventually allow myself be rescued?

I know I’d likely save people but I am also no vigilante so my answer is the latter. I will allow for the police to take charge of the situation, definitely.

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