My Husband and MBTI

If you’ve been reading my posts for some time now, perhaps you’d know that my youngest sister and I love typing our family members to the point that they call us “the serial typers” and really hated it whenever we’re at it yet again. So our latest conquest is my husband whom we’ve typed as Gandhi type. We took the test for him and I answered most questions, some were answered by my sister– she knows him well enough. So when we told him the results, his reply was,

Why did you take the test for me!? Why couldn’t you wait til I take it?

a frustrated gandhi type guy

He refuses to be classified alongside Gandhi because he thinks he’s such a good person compared to him. I mean who would not, right? We told him that it doesn’t work that way and for what it’s worth, Hitler shares the same typing. My husband doesn’t know about the letters and their meanings and he doesn’t have an idea about the test and the results it’s given us (for our own typing) — all he knows is that I am very similar to David Rose from Schitt’s Creek, of whom I incidentally share the same personality type with as per MBTI. Because of that matter, he got somehow convinced that the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator can get pretty accurate, lol.

Source: Popsugar

He was so frustrated at how we seem to feel like we know him like he knows himself (or how we seem to know him better) — so he asked for the test and took it. After some time, he sent me a screenshot of his results. He didn’t research what it meant because his immediate reaction was to send me the photo. I told him that we were right! It’s indeed the Gandhi type one – INFJ. We got lucky! We were afraid he’d get ISTP because he’s got some streak sembling that of Luke from Gilmore Girls,

He finally accepted the fact that what gave him those results is not the dictatorship of Hitler or Gandhi’s leadership… it’s more of his intense desire to proselytize others, possibly by force or by gaslighting… my husband has the tendency to insist on me (& on people) the things he wants, like if he wants cool gadgets, I should have cool gadgets too despite my being anti-upgrade. If it were up to me, I’d still write using a typewriter, but I guess we got to keep up with the Kardashians!

I love taking tests. I just don’t like the graded ones!

By the way, I saw this in Urban Dictionary today: REDDITOR

An antisocial person participating in the Social Media platform Reddit. A Redditor often thinks he is in terms of intelligence above the average individual (yet is not)

I am also on Reddit.

8 thoughts on “My Husband and MBTI

  1. Haha! So cute. I agree with you, personality tests are fun, especially when we are able to understand and use them well. I have a friend who is also irritated if I just mention personality types – it makes me want to say it more actually.

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    1. Hahahaha. I can imagine!
      When I was in college, internet was still not too much a hit but since we are Psychology students, we have this subject “psych testing” oh migoodness, that was the best! We do it in writing like literally handwritten, we draw, we take “live action” activities —- it’s been a long-standing interest… so when internet came about, I was obsessed 🤩

      Has your friend taken the test?

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        1. True, I remember forcing my family to take those manual tests as well— I only see them during sembreaks as I was in Ph and they’re in Riyadh so I’d bring all the mimeographed stuff and have them draw stuff lol

          I do understand your friend’s reservations hahaha. My sister feels the same (middle) — we typed her anyway! Lol

          It’s good to have that one friend🤣 like you said, it makes you say it more haha

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