A Lesson from Covid: How to Move a Nation Forward (Repost)

Photo by Krisia Vinzon

There are many lessons to be learned from COVID. Mine is peculiar, I admit, a realization that the nation, to get out of the grip of a virus, needs to focus almost all energies and budgets on the effort. When we get substantially out, say in early 2022, it will be a magnificent feeling of relief, and accomplishment.

It seems to me this offers insight into why previous governments, as well intended as they might have been, have been so swarmed over with problems that they never got to demonstrate big accomplishments that would show to citizens, yes, we are on the move.

I say, change the model!

The Philippines has so many needs. Every year, government tries to address them all. And fails to demonstrate progress. People don’t “feel” it, the moving forward.

Joe america

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19 thoughts on “A Lesson from Covid: How to Move a Nation Forward (Repost)

              1. Dito may kakaibang uri ng lockdown: bawal lumabas sa bayan para pumunta sa bundok o lake (at least bawal noong Enero, ngayon mukhang hindi na) pero bukas ang mga paaralan at crowded ang public transportation. Ibig sabihin may virus sa solo trail sa bundok at walang virus sa crowded bus o metro…

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  1. This is a big subject. In Many ways, JA is right. I have always found it interesting that a group of people, a village, a town, a city, a state, a nation will pull together to fight a common cause when the perceived need becomes so great. However, the moment the dust starts to settle, we fall back into our old ways – and politicians do this too i.e. we have to meet this very long list of wants rather than needs. The toughest discussion I have ever had with developing a community is to get them to understand the difference between a need and a want. We need: health, education, safety, water (with water security comes food), electric/gas, jobs, supportive communities and a healthy environment. After that, the rest is really to do with wants. We can put so much more resources into our needs if we do away with some of the distractions. However, I know this isn’t easy. But its doable 😊

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    1. Thanks for your input Sean, I always appreciate your wisdom ❤ You are right about distinguishing the difference between needs and wants. Even as individuals, people find it difficult to classify– so much more from a community or a nation's perspective — but it is indeed doable. I really hope whatever realizations we've all had during Covid gets retained and continuously inspire us to continue moving forward til the nation fully recovers. We have a saying in Filipino about our people, it's like an idiom called "Ningas Kugon"… it means we're on fire for like 60 seconds til the hype is over.. I guess that's what we should overcome at this point.

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      1. I like that saying, Janis! It’s something the media tends to do these days too.

        I have every confidence we will continue to learn and move forward re COVID. The great thing is many of us have learnt how to think outside the box because of it and act quickly. This will put us in good stead for any other type of pandemic that may eventuate.

        Now onto the two youngest members of the family: “we need the new PS 5, Dad.” To which I have replied: “I know you want it, but it isn’t going to happen.” However, I did give them an option a few days later on how they could to make it happen – I haven’t had any further requests since 😂


        1. I admire how you deal with your kids Sean.
          I wish we could improve as parents as well –discipline wise and with the examples we set.

          Hmm… I wonder what that option was…


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