The Chocolate Box – January 2021

Rory has started a new challenge for 2021. He named it “The Chocolate Box” because it’s a mix of sweet, sour and spicy questions. He intends to post this every six weeks. Let’s see what he’s got for January.


Who was your favorite cartoon character when you were a growing up?  

Lottie from Princess Sarah, I especially liked the tagalized version (Filipino translation). It was the time when dubbing was such a craze in the Philippines.

Have you ever had a crush on someone as an adult? 

My husband would always tease me about Jude Law, who indeed is my ultimate crush. I also like Larry Paul from Ally McBeal, played by Robert Downey Jr.

Who would not crush on this guy?!
I was madly in love with Larry Paul @ one point. Too bad he was let go.

Night or Day Time which is best for you and why? 

Let’s say if we’re talking about a free day? I love doing things @ night no questions asked. I would just sleep in during the day most likely.

But on a daily basis, I am more useful during the day. I am always beat @ night.

Have you ever had sex in deep snow as opposed to a light frosting?  

No. Won’t try this.

What are three of your weirdest quirks? 

  • I need to have a fresh shirt on my bedside. I love smelling it. It makes my breathing better, I think.
  • I love hot coffee, but I don’t drink it hot. I had to wait 15 minutes til it’s drinkable
  • I can’t sleep when it’s quiet. We have to have TV sound at least (on timer usually) or my husband had to play some videos on his Ipad and wait for me to fall asleep

Can you sum up your personal life for the year 2020 using only 7 words? 

It was hard but God’s will prevailed.

What’s the most embarrassing position you have ever been stuck in?   

Few years ago, my boss was bragging about how good I was in finding rare flights or that I am always able to find flights even in impossible seasons. So the Managing Director of my former workplace came to me asking for a favor to book him and his family for a flight from Riyadh to Jeddah and back. He is like the most gentle person I have ever worked with and he’s so fine and intimidatingly handsome. So I did. It was during the Eid season and it was like a day before their desired departure — yeah, no pressure. Indeed, I was able to find a flight and bought tickets, it had been surprisingly easy to book. Eid is like the ultimate holiday for Muslims, like how Christmas holiday is for Christians. He’s got a big family with lots of smaller kids who according to him were so excited to travel & with kids tagging along, we should expect difficulty @ the airport. The next day is a working day. I saw him at work. I asked him why he’s in the office (because he didn’t call to have his flight cancelled). He said, “because your booking was for Jeddah – Riyadh – Jeddah.” SHOCKS! I realized that the site I bought their tickets from reverses the search when the initial route searched wasn’t available. That’s crazy and can cause major troubles like what’s happened to me.

I had to describe earlier how he is because him being such a perfection made it more embarrassing. He didn’t call to yell at me. His family with little kids with him probably was already a handful aggravated by such a huge boo boo I made. They went home and I guess didn’t fly at all. I refunded the tickets (from my own pocket) without him knowing because it was non-refundable. It wasn’t my job to make travel arrangements for him but it was my error so I was deeply embarrassed especially since I also know his wife (from parties) and she is super nice too. Uggh.. It was so embarrassing!

Some words simply roll off your tongue as if they were honey, what are three of your favorite words? 

  • Acquiesce – I used this word every opportunity I’ve got
  • OMG
  • Poops – I tease Brooklyn a lot

What sweety things do you like to consume for pleasure?  

McDonald’s chocolate sundae, Strawberry Jam

Do you currently have a favorite song and if so what is it? 

PJ’s, Tee shirt and shorts, Naked or Other – What is your preference? 

Shorts and shirt or tank top

What is your most favored breakfast dish? 

Pancakes, porridge

Which color is best worn to display your passion with life?

Bright yellow or Neon Green

If you had to be soaked in a liquid that wasn’t water, what would you choose and why?  

Champagne, hehe

Underwear or Commando? 


 Which bed size do you prefer for whatever?

I don’t know what size was that but it’s the bed we’ve slept in La Casa Del Rey in North Hollywood. It was one of the biggest beds ever! I love it!

How quick are you to react to no warning, last minute moments?  

I hate last minute warningless moments. This situation triggers my worst, so I guess, you can take it from there.

You have just woken up …. the first thing you do is?  

Turn off my alarm (preempting) — I hate setting it off.

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