Monday Prompt: Missing Monday

This is one of the prompts that I have committed myself into doing this year. Missing Monday is about everything that you are longing to see, hear, experience or taste again… I know we’ve been missing a lot of things / people because of the pandemic — there are 52 weeks in a year, I’ll see if I’d get to un-miss them in 2021.

This week, I am writing about my best friend. She’s been my BFF since 2000. Even though we’re older, we still hang whenever we can. This is one of our last photos together. I haven’t gone home for three years now. So yeah, it’s been a while.

I miss hanging with her by the beach. She didn’t want her face uploaded so I’ve placed a sticker on her face. Her name is J***** and she’s 2 years older than me. If she reads this, she’d tell me, “you just can’t contain yourself to not insert that insignificant information.” She was not my classmate nor my neighbor. You see, she’s my college best friend’s childhood best friend. We met through her. We became close, the three of us. We were inseparable for some time until something awful happened. J and I needed to stay away. It didn’t look good and my college friends hated me. They heard the side of my college best friend. I mean, if you put it the way she’s put it, you’d hate me too. But it’s fine. I am contented with the friends I have — with J and my other college buddies & I didn’t feel the need to air my side to the people who did not give me a chance to begin with. So fast forward some years later. The 3 of us are friends again. We’ve let bygones be bygones however, the relationship wasn’t restored to how it was. We’re happy though and we still communicate (the three of us) regularly.

J and I have remained best buddies for life though. She is the friend whom I’d share my deepest darkest secrets with. She’d know if I was lying and she’d lie along with me without explanations, without even asking. She’d pick a fight on my behalf so I won’t have to. She knows I always say my favorite animal is a puppy but she knows it’s actually FISH. She’d burst the bubble of someone whose arrogance she believes to irritate me. She knows that I am an introvert — she’d all get extroverted to save me.

I mean, I’d do the same for her, perhaps, differently and more inconspicuously I guess, but I feel the same about her. She’s one of the strongest women I know. It’s been three years since and I would really love to go the the beaches with her again. I miss being able to laugh and cry at the same time. I miss laughing my @$$ off because of someone else’s crazy! I miss having her around.

10 thoughts on “Monday Prompt: Missing Monday

    1. Thanks! Back in the day… I can tell her, go visit my friend Micah in her tiny home… and she’d visit you for me right away.. she’s that kind of friend.. the spontaneous type… now she’s a mom na rin.. hahaha.. she’s become domesticated all of a sudden πŸ˜€


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