Year-Ender Post – It’s a Wrap!

I would like to thank everyone who had contributed to resurrecting my blog that’s been asleep since 2018. I had lost interest in writing and interacting with people because I was not able to find a community that’s engaging enough to inspire my activity in WordPress. Surprisingly, when I reactivated my account on a different handle, I found people of similar interests. They had kept me going and inspired me to write and correspond regularly. It felt great to have discovered this type of community once again.

Incidentally, I found this questionnaire from one of the sites that I follow, WifeBlah‘s. She called her post “73 Questions About Me: A Vogue Parody”.

It’s fun to share light personal information as the year ends. I mean, this doesn’t have to be my info alone — you too can take part and share yours!

The Challenge Begins:

1. What is your usual Starbucks order? Iced Caramel Macchiato, very light on caramel

3. All-time favourite food? Spam, Bacon, my mom’s Chop Suey and Pork Sinigang

5. What do you think of open relationships? Some people pass through this stage at one point in life

6. What is your favourite video game? Nintendo – Twin Bee, Legend of Kage, Animal Crossing, Super Mario 3 / Atari – Pitfall / PS – Pocket Fighter, PoyPoy Cup

7. Guilty Pleasure treat? Chocolate Sundae from McDonald’s

8. Favourite Movie? With Honors, The Net, Men of Honor, Reality Bites

9. Favourite book? Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

10. Twitter or Instagram? Twitter

11. Desktop or laptop? I prefer using desktop

12. Best advice you’ve ever received? Pray persistently

13. What project are you working on right now? I am trying to secure an appointment for passport renewal and everything follows right after, uggggh stressful year this will be!

14. Favorite color? Green and Yellow

15. Did you get good grades at school? Yes

16. Dream Job? Teaching

17. Played any sports? I played volleyball

8. Do you have a degree? Yes

19. Nationality? Filipino

20. What is your favourite kind of blog post to do? Currently, I enjoy prompts like Song Lyric Sunday, Blogging Insights and Provocative Questions

21. What do you like to collect? I used to collect designer purses. It felt so lame during Covid. I vowed to end it right there.

22. Describe yourself in three words? Lives to Serve

23. If you were a rapper what would your rapper name be? Oofer Girl (that’s my rapper name in Roblox)

24. Who was the last person you DM’d? My husband

25. What is on the top of your wish list right now? For our will to be in sync with that of GOD’s

26. Sorting house? Hufflepuff (is that what it meant?)

27. How many tattoos do you have? None

28. What are you most grateful for this year? For everything falling into place. We started badly with all these expensive & impossible problems, but GOD made it all possible.

29. What’s the best thing that’s happened to you this month?  We thought we got scammed again. We had a car removed from my husband’s name. It was pretty expensive and it got longer than the promised timeline so having been duped early this year, I thought it’s scammer 2.0 but we were shocked that the guy finally came through.

30. What’s the best thing that’s happened to you today? Waking up.

31. What’s the best thing ever? Being able to commune with God! And being with family next.

32. Favorite season? Fall.

33. Favorite Fictional Animal? Unicorn

34. What fictional character do you relate to the most? Felicity Porter – Felicity

35. Do you like surprises? Hate it.

36. What’s the biggest surprise you’ve ever had? When my boss told me about what he’s done for my husband

37. What’s the surprise that made you cry? Nothing

38. What’s the best surprise you’ve ever given someone? The people I love surprising unfortunately are not easily pleased. I end up being disappointed.

39. Do you like muffins? Sometimes

40. Do you cook often? Not anymore

41. What’s your favourite dessert? Turon

42. Is there a dessert you don’t like? Yes, I don’t like cakes unless it’s Goldilocks Mocha Roll

43. Cake or pie? Neither

44. What’s your least favorite food? Anything super sweet. I also don’t like anything that looks messy hehehe… i.e. pakbet

45. What’s your favorite condiment? Toyo Mansi, Sarsa ni Mang Tomas and Banana Ketchup

46. It’s 4 A.M. on a Saturday night, what would you eat? PikNik

47. If you could teach a college class what would it be called? Humanities, Behavioral Psychology, char char! Hahaha.

48. Best animated film? I hate animations so I am not qualified to judge.

49. What has a guy (or girl) done or said to impress you? Whenever I sense true humility, I am totally impressed with that.

50. The best thing to do on a date? Talk

51. The worst thing to do on a date? Talk about exes

52. What is the funniest pick-up line a guy/girl could use on a girl/guy? How’s your love life? Hehehe, I can’t believe I’ve fallen for that feigned interest.

53.  Best comic book character? I don’t read comics. I am not qualified to judge

54. What are three things that are always in your purse? Wallet, Phone, Perfume

55. Favorite drink? Coke Zero

56. If you could play a historical character who would it be? Queen Esther

57. Kittens or puppies? Puppies all the way!

58. Favourite sushi roll? None

59. What kind of lipstick do you use? Matte lippies

60. What kind of foundation do you use? Maybelline Poreless

61. Blow dry or air dry? Air dry

62. Who is your fashion icon? Gwen Stefani (I admire from afar) and Cecile Zamora (Chuvaness) – I try to copy

63. Favourite Disney character? Pluto

64. What are you doing tomorrow? Work Work Work

65. Movie you laughed the hardest through? Old School and Tropic Thunder

66. A movie that made you cry? The Green Mile, Men of Honor, A Walk to Remember

67. If you could sing a duet with someone who would it be? Sting or Barbra Streisand (a girl can dream!)

68. If your life were a song what would the title be?  No Regrets

69. Favourite animal? Fish and puppies

70. Favourite illustrator? My son!

71. The person you want to have coffee with? I want to have coffee with my college friends

72. What’s the country you wish to visit? Switzerland (my dream destination) but right now, I want to be in either France or Hong Kong

73. Best ways to decompress? Spa

13 thoughts on “Year-Ender Post – It’s a Wrap!

  1. A very Happy New Year to you and yours, Janis. I am looking forward to your blog next year and many more posts to come. What a great challenge questionnaire – and Tropic Thunder is due for a rewatch (and I enjoyed listening to Robbie Williams)!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Sean. Vogue does this Q&A on video so it’s much easier 😀

      No Regrets is one of RW’s best songs 😀 and yay to rewatching Tropic Thunder! We all deserve that kind of laughter 😀

      Enjoy your NYE! Wishing you blessings this coming year!


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