Rory’s Quick Questions

I am a tad late for this week’s questions. I got busy with the year-end stuff both with my personal and work life. Sometimes, nonblog things get in the way of my usual cyber chill haha.

So this week’s Quick Questions are:

A lot. Because I am not a risk-taker. I am always afraid to start something almost familiar… what more for the unknown? I am such a coward, borderline lazy.
I have no idea. It puzzles me too. Like in Harry Potter, I wonder why they’d always stupefy the Death Eaters when they’re literally killing them. Hehehe… yeah… I know that certain curses are unforgivable… but for slasher films like Scream, they did try to do everything, it’s just that the aggressors are invincible all the time, even the humans have supernatural strength.
I was happier in my early 30s. It felt like I have all that I need. Now, things are getting more “real” and intense than it’s ever been… but essentially, I still feel that I lack nothing for I’ve got the JOY of the Lord in my heart. I sometimes feel sad whenever I see the frustrations of others (around me) because they seemed to need a lot of things and only has temporary happiness that expires so fast… but I always reiterate reading and meditating on the passages from Matthew 6:25-33. The satisfaction from the Lord is the kind of JOY that never ceases.
Oh man! I both LOVED and HATED my classmates. First, they were mean to me and would call me names and ostracize me for knowing what ostracize means. They are the worst bullies in the world. However, I love them because as we’ve gotten older, like when we’re in high school, their queen bee lost her power and they’ve become normal bees… they’ve started getting to know me and they’ve become my friends eventually — they realized what a bore I was for real hahaha… Up to now, we’re all friends and we’d laugh at the weirdness we’ve had to endure back when we were kids.
The thing is that I am no longer a single entity. I am part of a family unit. I married someone who is super different from me. Someone of different beliefs, traditions and upbringing. When I say super, it’s like almost 100 percent, if not literally a hundred. My fear is all about not getting along with my husband’s plans. If I am to not consider that…I will just go home and live a simple life, pre-retirement and won’t tire myself with anything that I am not leaning into doing.
People confuse my being not “sociable” enough as being mean or apathetic even.

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