Monday Mourning

I woke up today seeing my phone burning with notifications about a double-murder. I have not seen any news from the Philippines due to time difference and I do not have time to engage in long chats to explain it to me. I did my research and stumbled upon a video that’s gone viral today. I hesitated whether I am going to watch or not. But I could not understand what happened so I decided to watch it hoping it is not as graphic.

I was wrong.

It was a video showing a verbal altercation between the male victim and his killer with his daughter in short shorts filming the altercation. The son (victim) is being held by his elderly mom, whose hair is almost all white. She was holding him tightly while people around them begged for the son to stop for the sake of someone named Mika. The son seemed resigned. Weakened by rage.

The mother was trying to calm her son and held him so he won’t be doing anything deemed “fighting back” — she was not saying anything addressed to the killer until the killer’s daughter said something (non verbatim) “my dad is a policeman!”

To which the mother (also a victim) replied, I don’t care. Even singing in the tune of 2NE1’s song, “I Don’t Care.” It could be that she was holding her temper in front of the policeman as she was trying to pacify her 25 year old son. But lost her cool when the disrespectful daughter bragged about her father’s badge.

On the spot, he addressed the mom (in Filipino), “you want me to end you?” — seconds later bang bang bang! Close range shooting.

I was in tears and I did not even realize.

I have not seen anything like that.

If you are interested to see the video, it’s here (perhaps will get deleted later). The policeman has gotten himself several defenders– that the mom and son tandem deserved it for disrespecting an off-duty policeman neighbor for an altercation about firecrackers… and apparently, some believes that one must bow to an officer for anything just for the very reason that they are police officers.

The policeman involved had a shady history. He was allegedly charged with homicide twice in the past but was eventually acquitted because it’s more fun in the Philippines.

There are police officers who mean to serve –whose hearts are in the right place… but the majority trashes the name of those who vowed to serve and protect. I urge the good to fight the bad. We still have chances to do better. We have to do it today.

I mourn with the family. I mourn for the Philippines.

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20 thoughts on “Monday Mourning

  1. In anyone’s language, this is a very sad event. Perhaps even more sad is the fact that this is not an isolated incident. Yes, our lives do matter. With power comes great responsibility.The taking of a life should never be indiscriminate.

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    1. And Sean, that’s exactly what our Philippine National Police says, it is an isolated incident.

      I grew up scared. Because we’re neighbors with several policemen. And in our country, everyone who is a cousin of anyone can be entitled to guns, everytime they get drunk on streets, they shoot guns. NEW YEAR! They fire guns. My uncle who was a policeman accidentally shot himself being overly drunk and bragging with his gun.

      We are so used to hiding under the table fearing for stray bullets because it’s happened to our neighbors.

      Since this is definitely not an isolated case, there’s been a law to seal guns during the Christmas / New Year seasons unless you’re on duty… now the PNP chief said that it’s no longer happening since the PH police are now more responsible!!!! What an unfitting statement after the “isolated case” yesterday.

      I wonder how theyd classify it as an isolated case.

      Our police killings in PH is 3x than that of the US (considering the diff. in population) unfortunately, protesting is unpopular in our country.

      So frustrating.

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