Rory’s QQ This Week: 20 Dec 2020

I remember a periodic questionnaire that circulates in one of my husband’s FB groups. They’d ask a seemingly normal question that must be answered incorrectly. Rory’s questions are not like that. They are quick but must be answered appropriately because they’re real questions πŸ˜€ I find it nice because we can get to know people more based on their answers πŸ™‚ besides, his questionnaire isn’t Rocket Science!

This week’s Quickie Questions are:

8 thoughts on “Rory’s QQ This Week: 20 Dec 2020

  1. Hey Janis nicely and may l say artistically done also. Yes, quite right – it’s not rocket science, and yet strange – the rocket science question has received quite a varied response. Some say those who use it are being meanly sarcastic others say as l believe [as l am an ardent user of the phrase] that it simply refers to something not being hard, perhaps in a teasing friendly manner.

    My thanks again for taking part πŸ™‚

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