Blogging Insights – Your Blogging Persona

Dr Tanya’s Blogging Insights‘ question for this week is:

Is your blogging personality the same as your real life personality? If not , how is blogging you different from real you , and why?

I have actually seen this post today from Pete AKA Mr Bump. You see, I have known for a while that his name is Pete but I was initially hesitant to address him that because it reminded me of one embarrassing anecdote that happened 4 years ago in my previous job concerning our Company’s VP for International Affairs from our main office in Colorado. He handled the EMEA region; his name is also Pete.

I was working for the health sector as People Services Manager. The population of health care providers in Saudi Arabia is dominated by Filipinos (nurses, dentists, therapists, etc) and as you know, we are not native English speakers, we are not so fluent.

Pete is a people person and is very charming. He loves conversations. Nurses liked him a lot. They call him Mr. Pete. I am friends with the nurses and I hang with them all the time. I guess, our constantly working with doctors made us so used to calling them Dr. Something or Dr. Someone… So when talking to Pete, perhaps we collectively felt that Pete is not enough — so yeah, we called him Mr. Pete.

Unlike the nurses, we were not just on a hi-hello basis, we’ve worked closely as I was under his direct supervision. We Skyped a lot for meetings and discussions. Later, he told me that he felt uncomfortable responding to being addressed as “Mr. Pete.” He asked me to call him Pete from that moment forward. I was so embarrassed because I realized and began asking myself, “Why did I ever call him Mr. Pete in the first place?” I sounded like how Hiro Nakamura addressed “Mr. Isaac.”

Image from:  iNeedaHeroProduction, Sep 28, 2013 (HEROES)

To answer Dr. Tanya’s question, my blogging personality is somehow different from the real me because I am generally quiet in real life. I only talk nonstop with family and with two particular friends, other than them, I only talk when spoken to and often would just laugh along. On my blog, I talk incessantly to the point that you’d ask yourself “what’s her point?” In real life, I am straightforward and don’t beat around the bush like what I just did with the Mr. Pete story.

The only similarity is that I love conversing with people in writing. I love building lifelong friendships in cyberspace and in real life. And in school, I loved answering autographs and slam books and these prompts and Q&As are very much like that so yeah, that’s me!

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30 thoughts on “Blogging Insights – Your Blogging Persona

  1. Look’s like you got me off to a tee 🀣
    I remember with my s-i-l’s children, she was saying to them that my name was Uncle Pete, even that made me uncomfortable and I said they were just to call me Pete. I’m not really one for titles…

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    1. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
      Exactly! That’s why I started asking how they wanted to be addressed early on.

      Philippine Culture is all about titles. There’s a specific title for every relationship… My son calls my sisters by their first names and everyone cringes hearing that — like he is disrespectful. I did not correct him because he will learn it on his own eventually and if he decides not to change that, my sisters don’t mind at all.

      In Saudi Arabia, everyone is a Mister or a Missus (don’t care if they’re single). They call me Missus Genesis and I was like, okay, that’s very formal… but that’s how they are comfortable so I let them.. but for those who asked, they’ve gotten used to calling me Janis.

      Uncle Pete sounds cool! He’s like the uncle who gives nephews their first contraband πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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      1. I had not thought of this singe forever but you just reminder me how uncomfortable I was, aged 18, when, for the first time, somebody addressed me as “sir”.
        /nowadays, that offends me not one bit. It is said in more of a sneering tone, especially by people like the police. I’m under no illusion that this has now become a mark of *dis*respect.

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        1. You are right… very similar to being called “Madame” by people from work… I mean because I am the one who gives warning letters etc…

          Being called sir at 18 must be daunting @ that time…

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        1. ah…. okay, akala ko merong significant difference… parang hindi naman… nakikita naman kasi ang sinceridad based rin sa wag ng pagsasalita…

          maraming manloloko online pero usually, it is to dupe people for money or yung mga gustong mambola…

          our network isn’t that kind naman, i believe.

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          1. Mukhang seryosong platform ang WordPress at maraming de-kalidad na blogs. Satisfied ako sa quality at sa pagiging seryoso ng mga writer kaya, apart from the jokes, nagsusumikap din ako na maglabas ng seryosong content at mag share ng aking karanasan bilang asawa ng isang Pilipina. Kung minsan sumusuat din ako ng medyo bulol na post pero may alternation sa mas serious stuff gaya ng mga post tungkol sa grammar

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  2. I am more quiet in real life but once engaged I will open up…I’m probably a little too open…but I have fun on here. Finding people in my age group that likes older music and pop culture like I do is sometimes hard…I’m 53 but my likes are of a 70 year old. I should have grown up in the 60s…

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    1. Oh you are like my sister, she is only 25 but her likes and interests are of the 40 year olds and above… that’s why we jive despite the big age difference. She also says that she wished to have lived in the 60s.. her music is beyond her generation…

      I also enjoy it here… I have blog friends from 12 to 90+ … people are amazing!

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      1. Yes… I email a 70 year old in the UK quite often and she tells me things about seeing Led Zeppelin and I do have younger people who love the music. My 20 year old son and his friends like 60s music…they tell me because it’s more real than todays music.

        In the 80s I was like a grumpy old man about modern music lol.

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        1. She’s got an amazing youth, for sure! I wish, when I reach her age, I’d get to tell cool stories too πŸ˜€

          My dad who is in his mid 60s is a Pink Flloyd and Black Sabbath die hard. He loves listening to the stories shared by my blog friends from his batch πŸ˜€ He doesn’t have an inclination to WP but he’s got an FB group that’s dedicated to the memories of 60s and 70s πŸ˜€ Whenever I check it out, I’d see him commenting and conversing hyperactively πŸ˜€

          I can imagine your reaction with 80s music… now I am reminded, my son who is 8 had a Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury phase πŸ˜€

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          1. Yes I love hearing those stories. Mine are not as interesting…I don’t think anyone will care if I saw REO Speedwagon in 1982 lol.

            I have seen the Who, Paul McCartney, and the Stones so I got to a few when they were older.

            Blogs have made me see that there are other people like me that you don’t meet everyday in real life.

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    1. I seriously commented a long heartfelt comment about this but I was later reminded my by colleagues that I havent been responding to their whatsapps (because I didnt receive them!) — I didn’t have wifi!!!

      I feel the same about you, Micah (then realizing what if it was Markus who commented, hahahahahaha!!) and I am really glad to have met you. You did not only offer friendship, but a whole bunch of thoughts about life and wellness, which I really needed — especially the exact time I met you.

      You are one of God’s blessings to me in 2020.


  3. Interesting topic! I think it’s the same for me. I’m really quiet in real life unless anyone talks to me about books. πŸ˜„ i just love talking about them, and i also love taking pretty photos of books ❀

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