Rory’s Quick Questions

Rory from A Guy Called Bloke provides us with few quick questions that you may or may not answer (but in our case, we do want to answer). Here’s the link to his Quick Questions of the Week.

1. Why do you blog and continue to blog?

I started blogging because I like writing about different things. I enjoy sharing stories with people and I love getting to know others from their writings too. I can do that through blogging. I continue to blog because I get to interact with sensible people of different generations, nationalities and beliefs. They broaden my view on things and they make me see their world through their articles and photographs.

2. Keeping the following in mind – of 100% which % β€˜s would you allocate to each of the forms of personal entertainment below and you taking part in them monthly?

3. Is society becoming stupider or just lazier?

For me, the society gets lazier because we become too dependent on the resources being provided to us. But I refuse to accept that it’s becoming more stupid. Some parts of the society would choose to stay stagnant and accept the lifestyle they’ve been accustomed to but there’s more who demand change and improvement.

4. Is there such a thing as being too inked or having too many tattoos?

YES. I have a limit to this. My husband is nearing my threshold actually. His back is fully covered. His chest is fully covered. He had full sleeves on both arms and he’s got one big leg tattoo, plus the small ones on his other foot. Although his tattoos are works of art and are really amazing, I have my rules on this — I am saying no to NECK tattoos and I’d rather he keeps his hands and fingers unscathed.

5. Do you think some people deliberately try to be too hypersensitive to life or have people as a whole simply become overly sensitive naturally?

People as a whole have not become overly sensitive… there’s still a lot who are crass and apathetic. BUT SOME PEOPLE deliberately try to be too hypersensitive. I for one is sensitive but I still have the skin to deal with life’s reality too.

6. What is the strangest outfit you have ever worn in public – deliberately as opposed to a prank, dare or a joke?

I wore a really elegant black dress to a super casual event. It was hosted by my rich friends. They always dress up. The occasion was evening and it was a formal celebration. At least normally, they would treat such occasions to be formal. When I came, they were drinking to death. People wore jeans and shorts, some weren’t even dressed to go out. It’s like wearing their house clothes. I was so embarrassed.

5 thoughts on “Rory’s Quick Questions

  1. H Janis, nswers here indeedy.

    A Bridget Jones moment of sorts with the elegant evening gown πŸ™‚ I have had that happen on a couple of occasions over the years .. a kind of eeks, yeeks and tykes!!

    Thanks for taking part πŸ™‚

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