#TBT: The Breakup Playlist

Do you still remember your last heartache before you met your FOREVERMORE? Do you still remember the most hurtful breakup you’ve had? Did you wallow on sadness? Listened to crappy music? Watched sappy romantic films?

I do remember mine and this was my playlist (not crappy at all):

It was an intense but very toxic relationship. I never saw the breakup coming because we just had our anniversary celebration, neither did Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde) apparently. She actually thought Pooh Bear’s going to propose.

The guy just told me, “take care of yourself.” What a sincere message to give to someone whom you just dumped right? I thought so, too.

BUT then he goes to his friends right after spilling all our secrets, badmouthing me to our community since we came from one circle and of course, talking as if I was the bad guy in the scenario. I never cared because I wanted to move on and there’s nothing I can do about it since I was not necessarily Miss Congeniality either (now I am). Interestingly enough, I had suitors from his very own circle of friends, but of course, I did not care. They were of the same breed and I do not want to be associated with them ever. I was so angry and I was trying to focus on creating my own happiness away from that guy. I’ve also cut some friends off because they couldn’t choose sides. I made the choice for them because hello, that should be a no-brainer.

To be fair, I was way younger when this happened. I needed my mind be kept occupied so I went after the guy whom they didn’t like. Although we were in one community, there’s always that one crowd who challenges the majority and that’s where my husband comes in. I initiated the friendship of course. Who knew that from that moment forward, we’d be together for 14 years now. Whoever told you that the rebound guy is just a rebound guy?!?!

And look, here’s our song! After all these years, this remains to be our theme song ❤

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