Share Your World Holiday Edition

For this week’s edition of Share Your World from Melanie at Sparks From a Combustible Mind, we are asked the following questions.

Do you enjoy skiing or ice skating or, if it’s warm where you are, hiking or enjoying outdoor sports?

If I live where it snows, I guess I will be abstaining from skiing due to my health issues. Back when I was still strong enough, I used to hike with friends and I do really enjoy it.

Do you give to charities, or to homeless that you might encounter, during this time of year, more than you do otherwise?

There is always an extra effort from most people during the holidays, I guess. Because at this time, we can really feel our blatantly screaming privilege compared to those who are deprived. So if the spirit of the holidays touches us, generally, we respond to it.

What is the most enjoyable activity you engage in during December? Is it a tradition for you and your family?

We would do a “karoling” — singing Christmas Carols to families. We love singing. We are a family of singers — genes SKIPPING me, of course… but my monotone can be ignored when mixed with their greatness hahaha.

What changes will C-19 bring to your festive celebrations this year?

We won’t be doing the “karoling” thing this year as we’re celebrating exclusively within the extended family.

Please share a good will wish for the world!

I wish for the COVID pandemic to end and that we all learn great life lessons this year. May these lessons be applied for the rest of ourlives!

Something to be grateful for: I have got so many things I am grateful for… especially this Christmas. I am grateful for the blood of Jesus… I am thankful for the ultimate sacrifice to save me from eternal death. Truly, Jesus is the only way, the truth and the life!

JOHN 14:6

16 thoughts on “Share Your World Holiday Edition

  1. Thank you Janis for Sharing Your World! It sounds like hiking is your favorite outdoor pastime! I hope you can enjoy it in the coming year! Many adults don’t think they can sing, and are embarrassed by those who are told they can. If you ask a child though, mostly, they’ll sing anything you like, and with gusto. Sometimes gusto makes up for a lack of trained ‘voice’. I bet it was a fun activity for your family to do that! Maybe next year it can safely be resumed, let’s hope! Merry Christmas to you and yours! (and yes He is the Reason for the Season)..

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