A Weekend Quickie

I am feeling so low today and my mind is wandering around. We are nearing our deadliest of deadlines — things are not on my hands anymore (was it ever on my hands?) All I can do now is let GOD take charge and trust that He is the answer, we’ve lifted it up unto HIM and now, we wait. Of whom shall I be afraid?

I therefore conclude that I need a quick Q&A.

Incidentally, Rory of A Guy Called Bloke has just published a set and I hope that answering these questions changes my pace and will help keep things off my mind.

Are you ready …. interpretation completely down to you …. but are you? – YES I am ready.
If you were to star in a raunchy movie what ‘part’ would you be playing? – I will be the Asian bestfriend or the one who gets fed to the zombies. I mean, I don’t want to be the STAR of a raunchy movie but I don’t mind playing a minor part. I just had this conversation with my husband about Emma Watson and the brouhaha on the set of This is the End movie.

Image: screencrush.com

In your eyes, what do you consider to be a deep thinking question? – I am a deep thinker who overthinks everything. Any question has its depth, I mean, like the next question about using the juicer. Should I tell the truth and get judged as to why am I not juicing at home, regularly? Because I only use my juicer on a whim, depending on my mood since we buy juice from the store and I don’t like homemade almond milk. I will then be thinking about the significance of the question whether there is a subliminal reason for him asking so. Because why so random right?
When was the last time you used a juicer? Last Wednesday and it was my husband who used it.
How lost would you be if suddenly all makes of intelligent mobile devices ‘ were banned and replaced with regular mobile phones? I will be so lost because I do everything on my smart phone. Albeit mine was totally ancient, it’s still smart enough to do the deed. I will go crazy.
When was the last time that you were completely and utterly dehydrated and what caused it? I haven’t been dehydrated to that extent because even at worst diarrhea ever, I still hydrate and take enough electrolytes to replenish.

9 thoughts on “A Weekend Quickie

  1. Very interesting, Janis! Speaking of This is the End – yep, just a terrible movie from my point of view. Our sons loved it, and Linda promised to take the remote control off them permanently 😱 I just thought it was a waste of all that talent. I am happy to hand in my smart phone any time 😂 Perhaps I used a juicer 30 odd years ago? Dehydration is an issue for me and I need to be better with it. I used to overthink things – now not so much, but every now and then it bubbles up 😉

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    1. Haha. I can imagine your sons loving it, it’s for their generation. My husband is unable to contain his laughter whenever he watches that movie and he makes me watch the clips over and over. I am with Linda on this one!

      The only stoner movie that I was able to endure was Dude, Where’s My Car?!! I guess my favorite comedy is a tie between Tropic Thunder and Old School.

      I admire people who are not super dependent on smart phones! I have spent more time on Twitter based on our previous conversation, that also makes it harder for me to let go of my Iphone.

      Pls hydrate all the time. Always carry a flask with you, it will create a habit. 😀


  2. Awesome answers Janis – will let you into a little secret – the Juicer question was an abstract thrown in for fun. I have a juicer/blender thing that l got to create smoothies with and then discovered to my horror that l am seemingly fast becoming fructose intolerant so my juicer is more or less dead in the water now.

    I recently saw This is the End – watched it through – and thought ‘meh, dude why did you watch this?’ I have a brick mobile so worry not about the loss of Smartphones, but would be concerned if my desktop lost it’s connection for longer than 24 hours.

    There’s always a joke on set in raunchy movies about those who play with small parts 🙂

    Thanks for taking part 🙂


    1. Oh yes, excessive juice intake is not good for our sugar. I mean, we were raised with the idea that fruit juices are good for the body… hehe, well apparently, they’re not good for us all the time..

      Lol @ your reaction about “This is the End”… you are so right!

      I don’t think I’d be ok without internet either… We normally panic when our wifi fluctuates…

      Awesome questions Rory!

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