Brooklyn and mommy

A brief background, I have an autoimmune disease that sometimes causes me to suffer from hypokalemia (among its many symptoms). Low potassium would usually entail dizziness, difficulty in breathing and basically, body malaise. While tutoring Brooklyn last night, I felt like I was trying to catch my breath. My voice was becoming less and less audible. I know I am few minutes from fainting but we’ve skipped a lot this week and I want to make up for the missed classes so I kept pushing, thinking it’s probably indigestion.

Brook asked me, what’s wrong mommy? Are you okay?

I told him that I was fine, but he kept on asking. He knew I was not okay.

Then I got up and told him I am going to go to the toilet and try to vomit because I cannot breathe. Very similar to indigestion. But I wasn’t able to vomit. When I opened the door, he was right behind it.

I asked him why was he there. Did he need to poop or something?

But he said, “I was there for you. I don’t know if you’re okay.”

After resting, I feel I need to go to the toilet again, he insisted and said, “mommy, let me come with you”

I told him I was already feeling better than earlier but he still insisted. He was right behind the door once again.

Two AM, I had to go to the toilet again, I thought he was asleep (yes, he was with us because he fell asleep playing Animal Crossing with his father), so I thought he was in deep slumber.

After I went out of the toilet, there he was again, monitoring me. Mommy, are you feeling bad?

I had to hug him so tight! I never felt so loved like how he had shown it last night.

My hypokalemia makes me so dizzy and weak that gives me the urge to vomit all the time. It was low indeed but not low enough to get admitted for another potassium infusion. It’s a good thing because that kind of infusion burns like crazy. It’s one of the most painful experiences I’ve had in my hospital ins and outs.

I am grateful because I am better now. Although I am stressed as hell, I am doing better.

God is good.

27 thoughts on “Brooklyn and mommy

        1. It just happens. They said it’s idiopathic… they tried so many tests as to why, but they couldn’t find out what’s causing it.
          I often get rxed with slow k and sometimes, potassium infusion for emergencies
          It happens even while i am asleep… u know how in the movies, like people say i am tired i want to rest and eventually close their eyes and die? I did feel that 2x in my life.


  1. Hi Janis, It is difficult when we don’t feel well. Sometimes it makes it difficult to complete the tasks at hand in our day to day life. I, too, have autoimmune disease combined with others. I hurt a lot. I have found that staying busy helps to keep my mind off the symptoms and I am able to be productive. I hope you are able to feel better. Children pick up on things when parents don’t feel well. Take care, and be well! Blessings!

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    1. Thanks for your message. Only people with autoimmune diseases and their families would know firsthand what we’re talking about.. we’ve got variety of symptoms that are too painful to handle but we look okay so yeah…. maybe we’re actually fine…

      I was so touched when my son has picked up that I was not feeling well… I love how he cared for me but at the same time, felt scared. I wonder what happens if I’d really gone ill. It saddened me thinking of all the possibilities at hand.

      Thank you for your well wishes. Hope you are doing well and keeping healthy…

      Love 💗

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    1. Thanks kimmie… yes, worried tlg sya… naawa nga ako tlg kasi I remember being a kid too, and I sometimes go to mom’s room to watch her breathe.. it was stressful haha.

      Thanks a lot!

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        1. Awww, talagang, innate ata sa mga anak (most kids) na mag-alala sa parents… and we are blessed to have children like such, your mom is super blessed!

          Now, I have a memory of mommy when I was little when she’s got these mortality paranoia and we always have this cry fest at home about her fear of her life and of leaving me behind… I guess everyone experiences that…

          Thanks Kim, we pray that everyone keeps healthy and stays safe! God bless ❤

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