Blogathon Alert

A Blogathon to be Thankful For

I would like to invite everyone to participate in this blogathon. Everything you need to know is on the link below. It’s all about thanksgiving and November celebrations! Feel free to browse into the original post.

Inviting you:

A Blogathon to be Thankful For: Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

18 Cinema Lane

Within the blogging community, it’s impossible not to bring up the Coronavirus at one point or another. Some plans were forced to change and anticipated events were either cancelled or rescheduled. A situation like this can make it easy to lose sight of what’s really important. I can only speak for myself, but in times like these, I try to think about things that I’m thankful for. Originally, I was going to host this blogathon in 2021. But, due to the global pandemic, I thought this year would be a better time to host it. Hallmark is one area of film I cover on 18 Cinema Lane. Over the years, I’ve noticed the network’s diminishing recognition toward Thanksgiving. It’s not just a Hallmark related issue, as I’ve seen this happen in stores and other retail establishments. So, because of that, I chose to dedicate this year’s blogathon to Thanksgiving! It…

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20 thoughts on “Blogathon Alert

  1. The topics are (copied from 18 Cinema Lane’s blog)

    Write about a movie or television show episode that either revolves around Thanksgiving or features, at least, one scene taking place on Thanksgiving
    Talk about something movie related you’re thankful for (can be about people, places, props, memorabilia, etc.)
    Write about a movie or television show episode that has premiered in November (any genre and year is acceptable)
    Talk about someone who has a birthday in November (can be about an actor/actress, director, producer, screenwriter, costume designer, etc. If you have a family member or friend with a November birthday, you are allowed to talk about them in your post.)

    The posting should be from 19-22 Nov


  2. Thanks! I’m pleased to participate and will do so. But not today (Tuesday, Nov 17th). I got some rather upsetting news this morning and I’d like to do justice to your idea! It’s great by the way! I’m looking forward to participating!

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  3. This looks like a lovely blogathon with a variety of topics and questions. For those in lockdown or going into lockdown, this is something to look forward to and keep busy. Here in Australia we are doing okay but cases still keep coming up. Hope you are doing okay and stay safe 🙂

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    1. Will you join?
      It will be a great way to meet fellow bloggers and share the positivity and thankfulness all over the blogosphere… Pls do participate in case you’ve got time ❤ Hope things continue to be okay for everyone!


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