My Husband’s Birthday

It’s my husband’s 40th birthday today!

He’s had it tough this year but GOD is still super awesome. I mean, despite all that he’s had to endure this year, there’s always that ultimate silver lining! He’s got me for a wife. I mean, hello?! Can we just say, he’s been blessed exaggeratedly?!!! Lol.

When we went to New York last year, we saw one of the famous Filipino actors somewhere in Manhattan. My husband was walking in front of us; Brook and I were right behind him. We saw a pretty lady walking fast (going to the opposite direction). I was thinking, was that Iza Calzado? She’s an award winning actress of good reputation, known for being kind and sweet and pro-equality. Then my husband looked at me and asked the same. We cannot get over the fact that movies and photos do not give justice to her beauty. She looked kind and approachable but we were shy people (LOL). I mean, we went to Wooster for Oli Peck and Chris Garver and yet, I just stared @ them and didn’t even get a selfie.

I am so fascinated by my husband’s fascination! I mean, for the first time, I felt that he had a real crush– someone that he talks about all the time. He was starstruck. So I decided to get Iza to greet him for his bday. Incidentally, she does fanloveph greetings to which proceeds go to charities supporting Covid-19 patients and families. She was gracious and generous with her words. She spoke Filipino so pardon if there’s no subtitle.

I like her a lot. She seemed so sincere, right?

Thanks Iza for making our day extra special and for making his bday a super memorable one!

24 thoughts on “My Husband’s Birthday

  1. That is an awesome birthday present, Janis. Happy, Happy Birthday to Hubby and may he enjoy another blissful 40 years 🎂🎉🍺

    Lol – that’s the sort of thing Linda reminds me of all the time re how lucky I am 🤣

    Iza is awesome to do what she is doing and the proceeds going to charities to help COVID impacted families.

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    1. Thanks, Sean!!! Your well-wishes mean a lot!

      Hahaha! Yes! I agree… From the things you’ve shared about her, you’ve hit the jackpot! + She’s so beautiful!

      In fairness to Linda, she is equally lucky to have you! ❤


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